Product Care

How do I clean my glasses?
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly 
  • Hold your frame by the nose bridge or temple, not by the lenses
  • Wipe the lenses with a clean microfibre (not solvents or alcohol)
  •  Make gentle, circular movements on the lens from the outside to the inside until the lenses are clean
  •  Repeat circular movements very gently on the rest of the frames
  •  Dry your specs with another clean cloth

 Remember to wash your lens microfibre regularly in warm, soapy water. A dirty microfiber means dirty lenses.

How can I take care of my sunglasses?

When you are not wearing TBD Eyewear glasses, store them inside their protective case so they will be dust-free and protected. 

Do not leave the acetate glasses near heat sources or exposed to substances that can cause damage. For example, in saunas, hairdryers, hairspray, car dashboards.

Even if you are tired, remember not to lie down or going to sleep wearing your glasses.

Remember to put on and take off your glasses using the sidebars, known as temples.

Common Adjustments 

If the temples are no longer aligned or have loosened you can contact us or go to your trusted optician to solve the problem.