Our Story

TBD Eyewear is a brand of sustainable sunglasses and eyeglasses designed in Milan and made by the skillful hands of expert Italian artisans.

Who we are

Timeless style meets sustainability

The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, whose passion for craftsmanship and the digital industry has taken these artisanal frames across the globe.

Built To Last

When you order a pair of TBD Eyewear glasses, in addition to supporting our company, you contribute to help the craftsmanship industry and to protect the environment that surrounds us.

You also reduce waste, because our handmade glasses, like any handcrafted product, are meant to last over the years and to survive passing fashions.

Our commitment to sustainability is proven by the launch of new collections made from bio-acetate, with bio-based and biodegradable lenses and cases in recycled cotton and sustainable microfibers.

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