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What are polarized sunglasses and why choose them

Boat trip or mountain hike? Never without TBD Eyewear polarized sunglasses. Let's find out their characteristics together.

You have certainly heard of the polarized sunglasses, but do you know why are they different? Let's start with the premise that in the three-dimensional space, the natural light moves vertically, horizontally and within these two dimensions. During the horizontal movement, the light, which is called polarized, creates a visual disturbance, a reflection. This reverberation covers the entire field of the view and causes a color distortion and reduced the visibility.

How do polarized lenses work?

The lenses of the polarized sunglasses are able to absorb the horizontal sunshine rays responsible for glare, allowing only the useful vertical rays to pass through.


The advantages of the sunglasses with the polarized lenses

There are several advantages that the polarized filter of the sunglasses can guarantee:

  • reduction of reverberation
  • clear and clean vision
  • increase in contrast and colors
  • less eye strains

The polarized sunglasses are optimal especially for those who play sports, not necessarily at a competitive level, but also simply as a hobby. The polarized sports glasses are useful in natural environments such as the mountains, the sea, where the water or the snow can be a vehicle for the strong reflections and the visual disturbances. When practicing sports such as the skiing, the fishing, the mountaineering, it is necessary to use the polarized sports sunglasses.

The polarized lenses can be of different colors: grey, brown, pink and green. Depending on the use and the preferred chromatic effect, each colour has different characteristics. The grey lenses are perfect in situations of the direct and intense light, the brown lenses are the most versatile, ideal from the morning until the sunset. Pink lenses have a warm filter and green ones are suitable especially in conditions of variable brightness.

Polarized lens

The polarized sunglasses by TBD Eyewear

At TBD Eyewear, we’re pleased to present our best sellers with polarized green lenses, ideal for sporty use but also suitable for general use. They ensure optimal color perception even in low light conditions and less visual fatigue.

For whoever prefers squared acetate sunglasses, the Donegal Black with green polarized lenses will be the perfect ally for your morning golf match. On the other hand, if you cannot do without the round and harmonious shapes, you are spoilt for choice. We have created the honey-colored Welt model in a polarized version, for a dandy style; the Lapel tortoise model, unique acetate sunglasses; the Cran model available in transparent, honey and classic tortoise versions, perfect for an elegant style that never sets.

Discover Sunglasses with polarized green lenses

As always, our sunglasses are Made in Italy and handmade by our expert craftsmen, with a unique and elegant design, and obviously polarized.

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