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How to choose the right colored lenses

Find out how to choose the right color for the lenses of your TBD Eyewear glasses. Each lens is suitable for a different situation, choose the right one for optimal...

Summer has just ended. Fall has come. We are all getting back to work and our daily routines. However, we would like to remind you of the vacation just gone and to help you out facing the feeble autumn sunlight, by proposing you the new TBD sunglasses with tinted lenses. These combos represent a fair compromise between elegance and modernity, suitable both for men and women, letting you live modern city life with confidence.

Grey lenses against the sun's rays

For a dandy look, inspired by models in vogue in the '20s among students at Oxford University, the craftsmen at TBD Eyewear have created the Oxford Eco Black. This model is characterized by a rounded bio acetate frame, which perfectly fits squared faces. It is matched with gradient grey lenses, which protect the eyes against the glare of the sun's rays and do not alter colors because grey mitigates all colors in the same way.

Oxford Eco Black with Gradient Grey lenses

Brown and green lenses: a solution for everyday life.

If you are looking for a classic timeless look, you will love the tobacco brown and bottle green lenses, which are the typical autumn colors. These lenses are suitable for everyday life and for every occasion, from traveling to your workplace to weekend getaways.

The Lapel Amber Tortoise model with tobacco lenses, for example, is designed to be a classic frame, inspired by the leather of aviator jackets. The circular shape of the glasses, together with the tortoise frame, is a winning solution for every occasion. Tobacco lenses are perfect for both sunny and cloudy days, and they can also be worn at the seaside, given the fact they filter out the sun’s rays.
The Welt Eco Transparent with bottle green lenses is TDB's contemporary proposal for all men and women who are looking for a Made in Italy product, handmade by specialized craftsmen through a sustainable production process. Green lenses are perfect for daily wear, they relax the eyesight, and do not significantly alter contrasts.

Welt Eco Transparent with Bottle Green lenses

 Polarized Sunglasses by TBD Eyewear

In 1936 Edwin H. Land invented polarized sunglasses, and suddenly their popularity and sales spiked. In fact, airline pilots began wearing glasses fitted with these lenses to improve visibility and reduce glare. For this reason, green lenses are also offered in a polarized version on the Twill Matte Champagne Polarized, timeless eyewear with an eye-catching acetate frame. Simple and elegant, this model is the perfect match for a hike in the mountains or for a round of golf with friends.

Blue lenses for the autumn haze

The essence of Made in Italy and the passion of our craftsmen are the basis of our Lino Eco Dark Havana. Its sturdy and square shape is inspired by Cuban beaches, and the eco-friendly bio acetate frame is a testament to the excellence of handcrafting. This frame is paired with blue lenses, which are suitable when eyesight is strained; especially during days with fog and haze, blue lenses are able to counteract the glare of so-called white light. Thus, Lino sunglasses represents an eclectic alternative that enhances both male and female beauty.

Lino Eco Dark Havana with Blue lenses

Blue light filter lenses: a way to protect your eyesight

Blue light filter glasses are designed to repel the rays of electronic devices, meant for those who must spend many hours in front of the PC in the office or simply in front of the TV at home while watching a movie. Blue light filter glasses are fitted on our bestsellers and therefore on the iconic Cran Light Havana, made of Italian acetate glasses, that will give you a sophisticated and distinctive look.

Cran Light Havana with Blue Light Filter lenses

Orange lenses at sunset

New for September 2021 is orange, used for the lenses of the Donegal Eco Black, suitable for the glare of the modern metropolis. This model will win you over with its sustainable squared frame, entirely handmade in Italy. An alternative touch with a British tone that lends elegance to a casual one-piece suit or country attire. Orange lenses are characterized by their ability to provide excellent visibility even during the cloudiest days. They are perfect to wear at sunset since they improve the perceived brightness, but less suitable for driving.

Donegal Eco Black with Orange lenses

You are spoiled for choice with the new TBD lens colors, so will be able to face the harsh winter successfully. And you, which one will you choose?


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