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How do I match face shapes to sunglasses: the TBD Eyewear Gift Guide

The gift that lights up the eyes! Our eyewear gift guide will lead you to the perfect choice, tailoring style to the face shape...

Sunglasses and prescription glasses are the kind of accessory that cannot be chosen solely for style. We must consider their shape and thickness, as well as the physical features of the person who will wear them. Typically, they are a very personal gift; that's why they might be just the right choice. But then how do you match face shapes to glasses? To help you, we have created a guide to choosing the right ones.

First of all, we can tell you that someone who receives a pair of TBD Eyewear glasses is likely a person who loves Made in Italy sunglasses, handmade from durable and sustainable materials. Each model is designed for both men and women; our advice is gender-neutral. 

Eyewear for round faces

Short and full face, delicate contours, round chin and wide, pronounced cheeks. If we've described you or your friend, there's no doubt; the ideal frames for a round face are thin or angular, as they help to reduce the width of the face.

You can choose from the squared profiles of our Cord eco in warm shades of brown with blue lenses, or the softer contours of the Raso Eco Dark Havana with orange lenses.

Johan Wikström during Pitti 104 with our Raso Eco Dark Havana with orange lenses.

Best sunglasses for oval faces

The balance of an oval face makes it particularly versatile. Slightly wide forehead, slightly tapered chin, and high cheekbones: finding the right glasses will be easy because these shapes suit any frame, as long as it doesn't alter the features.

For a more sophisticated look, we recommend glasses with round lines, such as the Welt eco honey with bottle green lenses or the Oxford eco havana with blue lenses. If we haven't convinced you yet, consider the Cran eco black with gray lenses.

If you're looking for a bolder style, aviator-inspired frames are a good choice, like the Piquet eco dark in a tortoiseshell pattern with blue lenses, suitable even for winter.

For an oval face, also consider more square shapes, such as the Lino eco in a tortoiseshell pattern with bottle green lenses and, for an elegant and contemporary all black look, the Juta eco black with wide arms and gray lenses.


Best sunglasses for triangular face shapes

The triangular face has a small forehead with pronounced cheekbones and jaw. Wide frames with high arms are ideal. Take a look at the Silk eco dark havana with bottle green lenses or the more eclectic Tela eco black with orange lenses.


Sunglasses for square faces

Glasses for a square face lean towards frames with small lenses and wide arms because they lengthen and soften the features. If the person you have in mind has a rather short and wide face, high cheekbones, and a forehead and jaw of the same width, we have some proposals for you.

For an exotic and bold mood, here are the Madras eco with honey profiles and blue lenses. Another distinctive look is found in the round and transparent shapes of the Welt eco transparent with gray lenses.

For the friend who loves style and pays attention to every detail of their outfit, Pleat earth bio is a prescription frame that transforms into sunglasses with the included clip-on.

If you're looking for something more retro, our Ulster with a 24k gold-plated frame and bottle green lenses is the answer. Alternatively, the nostalgia leads us to the Panama amber tortoise with blue lenses.

Stefano Maderna iBrera with our Pleat Earth Bio | Bottle Green

Eyewear for heart shaped faces

Wide forehead, high and pronounced cheekbones, narrow jaw, and pointed chin: the perfect balance is a rather soft frame, such as round sunglasses or aviator style.

British flair with the Cran eco transparent frame with bottle green lenses. A more squared touch, which harmonizes with the soft lines, is given by the Lapel amber tortoise with bottle green lenses.

A nod to the 50s with a unisex aesthetic is the unmistakable bottle green drop-shaped lens of the Panama paired with a tortoiseshell bio-acetate frame. Or the refined champagne-colored profiles that never weigh down the contours of the face: the Piquet with bottle green lenses.



The safe gift: TBDE Gift Card


Our E-Gift Card Christmas Edition

If there are too many doubts, there is only one answer: give a E-Gift Card. It will allow the recipient to purchase TBDE sunglasses and prescription glasses, choosing from the entire collection crafted by expert artisans – each hinge is hand-closed – and almost entirely made of bio-acetate, a biodegradable material.

You will be giving access to a contemporary but timeless product that protects and lasts a long time. A wonderful gift to give and receive.


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How do I match face shapes to sunglasses: the TBD Eyewear Gift Guide

The gift that lights up the eyes! Our eyewear gift guide will lead you to the perfect choice, tailoring style to the face shape...

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