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Face Shape Guide: how to choose the right eyewear

Not sure what the shape of your face is? Read this simple guide to find out which glasses are right for you. For every face, there is the perfect frame!

Square glasses, round glasses, cat-eye glasses, TBD Eyewear offers a wide choice of sunglasses and optical frames. But what are the perfect glasses for you? Thanks to this guide you will discover the shape of your face and which glasses suit you the most.

"And what if it’s not suitable for my face?". How many times have we asked ourselves this question before buying a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses? It is the same doubt that arises when we have to buy clothes: will they be suitable for my body? It is right to make decisions that represent us and that enhance our lines. When we talk about glasses, we need to be aware of the shape of our face. The cheeks that our grandmother has always squeezed or the aquiline nose like Dante Alighieri, these are details that will make the difference. Let's find out why.

- How to choose the most suitable glasses for your face
- Types of face shapes
- The TBD Eyewear most suitable for you

How to choose the most suitable glasses for your face

To understand how to choose the most suitable glasses for your face you must start by measuring your face’s details. The forehead, cheekbones, jaw, and length of the face are fundamental to subsequently define its shape.
Get a soft measuring tape and make a note of the following measurements:

  1. the length of the cheekbone, placing the beginning of the tape measure from the lower outer corner of the right eye, and then stretching it to the other cheekbone, under the extreme lower corner of the left eye;
  2. the length of the forehead, placing the tape measure from right to left;
  3. the length of the jaw, placing the tape measure under the ear, where your jaw begins, and then stretch it up to the center of the chin. Then, the data must be multiplied by two centimeters;
  4. the length of the face, placing the tape measure at the central point of the hairline and then stretch it over the nose and continue to the tip of the chin.

Types of face shapes

“Glasses for oval face? No. Better glasses for square faces. Indeed, I would say diamond face glasses”. Let's try to understand together what kind of shape your face has. Once you have taken the measurements, we can try and identify it. These are the most common types of faces:

  • the round face has a soft outline with slightly wider cheekbones and an equidistant forehead and jaw;
  • the oval face has the forehead wider than the jaw and high cheekbones, while the length of the face is slightly longer at the bottom;
  • the heart-shaped face has a pronounced outline, with a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and pointed jaw;
  • the diamond face has a pointed outline, with prominent cheekbones, a small forehead, and a pronounced face length;
  • the square face has an angular outline, with cheekbones, forehead, and jaw of similar width;
  • the triangular face has an angular outline, with the jaw wider than the cheekbones but the distance of the latter is greater than the length of the forehead.

The TBD Eyewear most suitable for you

Once you have identified the shape of your face, you can finally start shopping. We at TBD Eyewear, with our catalog in hand, have selected a series of glasses suitable for each face shape:

  • The most suitable round face eyeglasses and sunglasses are square frames but with soft rounded corners, such as the Silk, Cord and Donegal collections. These three models are also suitable for an oval face shape;

  • The eyeglasses and sunglasses for a heart-shaped face can be either glasses with a square frame such as Denim and Twill or glasses with a round but sturdy frame such as Welt.
  • The ideal diamond face eyeglasses and sunglasses are Panama and Piquet, one of our brand-new models, with a teardrop frame with a vintage charm;
  • The eyeglasses and sunglasses appropriate for squared faces are glasses with round but thin frames, like our models Welt, Cran, Oxford, Vicuna, and Ulster;
  • The eyeglasses and sunglasses for the triangular face that we suggest are the Raso, Denim and Lino collectios both for man and woman; the Madras model as women's glasses, for their cat-eye shape;

We hope that thanks to this mini-guide, you will be able to make more conscious and above all well-paired purchases not only with your style but also with your facial lines. Our handmade glasses, always and only made in Italy, will be a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship’s excellence regardless of the frame model you choose.

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