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Bio-acetate: the final frontier in eyewear

What is bio bio-acetate made of? TBD Eyewear shows its green soul with its new Earth Bio collections. Let's find out the features of this sustainable material.

What is bio bio-acetate made of? TBD Eyewear shows its green soul with its new Earth Bio collections.
Let's find out the features of this sustainable material.

Who on earth says that you can’t be stylish and green at the same time? In such a way to respect the environment and help preserve its fragile equilibrium. TBD Eyewear is always on the hunt for valid alternatives with new methods of production, guaranteeing the highest quality Italian-made accessories, all the while promoting the circular economy and safeguarding the environment.

How? With eco friendly sunglasses

The new emphasis of the eyewear sector is the creation of eco friendly glasses with biodegradable frames. And this is now being achieved through the use of bio bio-acetate, a more natural version of bio-acetate. In fact, while bio-acetate contains phthalates derived from petroleum, the bio version is made up of two main elements: cellulose bio-acetate (from wood) and a plasticiser (derived from citric acid esters): both are of natural origin and obtained from renewable sources.

Eco-friendly sunglasses and so much more…

The bio bio-acetate lends the product the luxurious and exclusive feel of a natural substance, allowing for the creation of eco-friendly, unique and distinctive sunglasses. Among other things, the birth of biodegradable bio-acetate in the eyewear sector is an entirely Italian innovation. Indeed, it was the Mazzucchelli company in 2011 which developed the new material, initially calling it M49 Bioplastic.


Bio bio-acetate M49 by Mazzucchelli and Welt Earth Bio

That's why we at TBD Eyewear have created the Earth Bio collection, a line of 100% biodegradable and recyclable sunglasses, thanks to eco-friendly glasses frames in bio bio-acetate. With a classic design in which sustainability and craftsmanship merge, this green line is entirely produced in Italy in full respect of the environment.

From the Oxford model to Welt, from Shetland to Donegal...

The Earth Bio collection contains all the most popular styles of the TBD Eyewear lines, to lend eco-friendly chic to any wearer. From the Oxford and Welt models with green lenses combined with a rounded and graceful shape; to models with grey lenses with a lightweight squared frame like those of the Shetland and Donegal lines. All eco-sustainable frames, derived from wood and cotton.


Highly resistant organic glasses

The models which make up the Earth Bio collection – ça va sans dire – do not relinquish the defining qualities of our other accessories, such as a resistant and high-quality frame, thanks to the skill and dedication of experienced craftsmen. Our sustainable eyewear is a testament to our policy of being distinctive, whilst paying attention to the finest detail.

The colour palette

Close your eyes and allow your mind to drift off to the Moroccan desert, picture the immense sand dunes of Merzouga, their rolling forms constantly modified by the wind. The Earth Bio sustainable sunglasses have a warm colour palette that calls to mind earthy hues and the vibrancy of the Cuban cigar. Perfect to combine with a simple linen shirt and an iconic panama, perhaps for a day out sailing.


Earth Bio Collection

The Earth Bio collection for TBD Eyewear represents an ethical and productive challenge which focuses on the use of premium sustainable materials to minimize the impact on the environment, without sacrificing the flair for design aesthetics and craftsmanship that has always been our hallmark.

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