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The Sustainable revolution of Rosa Fanti

Rosa Fanti, the driving force behind Vista Mare Farm and Pettirosso Coolture Club, underscores the utmost significance of sustainability, excellence and research across all her ventures

Hello Rosa! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with you for TBD Eyewear Journal. Before diving into your projects with Vista Mare Farm and the Pettirosso Coolture Club movement, could you tell us a bit about yourself? If you had to describe yourself in three words, which ones would you choose and why?

Describing myself in three words is never easy. However, if I had to choose, I would say "passionate, dynamic, committed." I am passionate about everything I do, from book culture to the farm. I am a dynamic person involved in many areas, from supporting my husband Carlo Cracco in his activities to managing projects, collaborations, and events. In short, I am committed to giving my best in everything I do, both personally and professionally.

You are a true “Romagnola" who has moved to Milan for many years. On one hand, you are deeply rooted in your Emilia-Romagna region, and on the other, you are immersed in the cosmopolitan energy of Milan. How do you balance these two realities, and how do they contribute to your personal and professional development?

Balancing these two realities is a stimulating challenge. Milan offers me cosmopolitan energy and the opportunities of a big city, while Emilia-Romagna represents my roots and allows me to work on Vista Mare Farm. I manage this duality by listening to myself, prioritizing myself and my family and allowing myself moments of detachment in the Romagna countryside, which has become my refuge and a place of total immersion in nature.


Now, tell us about your two fascinating projects: Pettirosso Coolture Club and Vista Mare. How did they come about and what do they represent to you?

Both projects had fascinating origins. The Pettirosso Coolture Club was born casually from a group of friends who are passionate about reading and became an initiative that offers cultural events, book presentations, and reading circles, with the aim of making the love for books engaging and youthful. In addition, the proceeds are donated as scholarships to underprivileged students at the University of Milan.

Vista Mare Farm, on the other hand, has been a natural extension of our culinary activities. Cultivating the products we use in the kitchen is a unique opportunity that allowed us to control the entire production chain, enriching our experience and promoting the inland Romagna territory.

Regarding this latest project, "Vista Mare," we discovered multiple affinities with the TBD Eyewear’s philosophy. Both realities, despite appearing seemingly distant, share a deep focus on the environment, sustainability, excellence in processing, responsible management of the production chain, and a commitment to product quality. How important are these values to you?

These values represent our dedication to a better future, with an awareness of the impact our actions have on the environment and society. Just as TBD Eyewear, in our company, Carlo and I strive to convey these values through the products and their production, emphasizing sustainability, excellence, and respect for the production chain.


Let's talk about the control of the supply chain: it is great to know that you are in control of every step, from seeding to the table! Do you have any anecdotes or challenges you have faced in personally managing the entire process? How has this experience changed you?

Personally managing the entire process within Vista Mare Farm has been an exciting challenge. Taking care of the land, from cultivation to harvest, requires constant commitment. I learnt the importance of time, dedication, and consistency to achieve quality products. This experience has changed me profoundly, reconnecting me with my roots and teaching me the importance of patience and commitment to achieve my goals.

Rosa, we know that you are attentive to the circular economy and sustainability. How do you manage to valorize waste in The Vista Mare Farm? Do you have any advice for our users on how to reduce waste and give new life to what may seem like "waste"?

I am a passionate advocate of circular economy and sustainability. Within the agricultural company, we utilize waste in different ways. For example, for our menus and pastry papers, we use eco-friendly paper produced by Favini, which incorporates 15% of agro-industrial residues, according to the principles of the circular economy. Additionally, we encourage everyone to reduce waste and give new life to what may seem like 'waste'. Be creative and seek new utilization opportunities, aiming to minimize waste and promote a sustainable approach.

Looking to the future, what are your dreams and goals for Vista Mare Farm? Are there any new products or projects you are planning to introduce? We are curious to know more!

I have big dreams and goals. The next step will be the creation of an agritourism, offering hospitality and a gastronomic experience surrounded by nature. In addition, we are planning to organize events during the summer season and harvest time, giving the public the opportunity to fully experience the farm. The goal is to enhance the Romagna hinterland and promote local excellence in the food and wine sector.


To end on a lighter note, you said that your favorite TBD Eyewear model is the Cord Eco Avana | Blue. If you had to compare it to one of Carlo Cracco's dishes, which one would you choose and why?

Thinking of one of Carlo Cracco's dishes, I would choose a modern revisitation of the vegetables from our Vista Mare Farm. This choice reflects the attention to quality ingredients and fine materials that I find both in the you eyewear and in Carlo's cuisine. Both products convey a sense of care, craftsmanship excellence and a philosophy that values both the final product and the entire process.

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