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Polarized sunglasses, when and why to use them

Polarized glasses are not just another simple model of eyewear. Polarized sunglasses ensure a better, clearer, sharper vision. Let's discover the reasons why!

What is the function of a polarized lens?

The polarized lens is capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation depending on its polarization level, letting through only the rays coming from direct sources and blocking annoying reflections.

In the three-dimensional space, natural light moves both vertically, and horizontally, but also within these two dimensions. During horizontal movement, the polarized light causes a discomforting effect, namely the reflection. This glare covers the whole visual range and brings about color distortion and reduced visibility.
Polarized lenses have the capability to absorb horizontal light rays, the ones responsible for glare, letting only the useful vertical rays pass through.

Twill Matte Champagne with polarized green lenses

The benefits of sunglasses with polarized lenses

The polarizing sunglasses filter provides several advantages:

• Glare reduction
• Sharper and clearer vision
• Increased contrast and colors
• Less eye strain

Polarized sunglasses are optimal especially for those who play sports, playing both as amateurs and as professionals, but they are also recommended for driving with cars, especially for long periods of time. Polarized sports glasses are useful for out-of-town trips to the mountains, or to the seaside, places where water or snow could convey significant glares and visual disturbances.

Moreover, polarized sports sunglasses are also recommended for sports such as skiing, fishing, and mountaineering.
Polarized lenses can be of different colors: grey, brown, pink, and green. Depending on the use and the chromatic effect you prefer, each shade has its different features. Polarized grey lenses are optimal in case of direct and intense lighting, brown lenses are the most versatile, ideal from morning till sunset. The pink lenses provide a warm filter and, finally, the polarized green lenses are especially suitable in conditions of variable brightness.

Justus Hansen wearing Cran Transparent Polarized

TBD Eyewear polarized sunglasses

Our best sellers, namely acetate sunglasses models such as Cran, Donegal, Twill, and Lapel, are available with polarized green lenses, suitable both for sports use and for general purposes. They guarantee optimal color perception even in low light conditions and convey less eye strain.

Cran, Lapel, and Welt models are rounded sunglasses, ideal for those with a square-shaped face, who love lightweight but resistant frames, and who has an elegant style.

The polarized Cran model is available both in tortoise and transparent frame, while the polarized Lapel model is available in an amber tortoise frame.

The polarized Welt model is available in our iconic honey frame, ideal both for him and for her.

Twill and Donegal models are squared sunglasses, suitable for those with heart-shaped face shapes, who prefer sturdy frames and dandy style. The polarized Twill model has a champagne matte frame, iconic of its kind, and the polarized Donegal model has a black frame, a timeless classic.

Sergio Guardi wearing Donegal Black Polarized

As always, all our models are Made in Italy and handmade by our expert craftsmen, with a unique and elegant design.

Whichever model of eyewear you prefer, it is important that you choose to wear certified sunglasses with sunscreen filter category 3 or 4. Sunscreen filters have the ability to reduce brightness. Category 3 indicates that only 8-17% of the light passes through the lenses, while with category 4 the percentage is 3-7%. We recommend not purchasing non-certified sunglasses, since they may be detrimental to the health of your eyes.

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