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Oxford, the collection of round glasses

“Tousled curly hair and diaphanous complexion. White shirt, tartan tie, cream-colored V-neck vest inserted inside the wide-leg trousers, in light gray light wool. Leather belt, Oxford bangs on the feet....

Tousled curly hair and diaphanous complexion. White shirt, tartan tie, cream-colored V-neck vest inserted inside the wide-leg trousers, in light gray light wool. Leather belt, Oxford bangs on the feet. In one hand he holds a book with a worn and creased cover, perhaps he has read it too many times. I can see the title. This is 'Drum-Taps', the collection of poems written during the American Civil War by the poet Walt Whitman. He notices my curious gaze and smiles at me through his round eyeglasses."

  • Oxford, the round par excellence
  • Which model to choose?
  • Hollywood-inspired: Jamie Lee Curtis and Cillian Murphy

Oxford, the round par excellence

To better tell you about the new collection of round acetate glasses, we have immersed you in the roaring atmosphere of the Twenties, in one of the most famous and prestigious colleges: Oxford.

Through the initial storytelling, we recreated the encounter with a young university student, an intellectual, who frequents exclusive clubs and is inspired by dandy fashion. And it is precisely by turning our gaze to this past world, that the new model of round glasses is born: the Oxford collection.

Oxford Matte Champagne with Tobacco lenses

The Oxford is both acetate sunglasses and acetate eyeglasses, perfect for square faces. A cool and classic design, which can never fade and that we at TBD Eyewear have tried to make sparkling with slightly more daring shades of the frame color.
As often happens in TBD Eyewear, we have proposed a model of handmade eyewear, also suitable for female customers. This is thanks to the quality and strength of our frames, which makes them made in Italy glasses, suitable for any style and occasion.

Which model to choose?

The new Oxford collection consists of four models of round sunglasses, such as:

  • Oxford Bicolor, round acetate sunglasses with a bicolored frame. This chromatic contrast should not scare, indeed, it is perfect for a spring look characterized by a shirt with a mandarin collar in denim, brown biker jacket and beige trousers;
  • Oxford Eco Havana, round vintage glasses with a dark-colored frame tending to rust that is softened by the blue lenses;
  • Oxford Eco Honey, round vintage sunglasses that thanks to the honey color of the frame, are suitable for an olive complexion;
  • Oxford Eco Matte Champagne, is a model with a new color as it presents the matte version of the champagne color, which still gives light to the eye. Ideal as women's round sunglasses.


Oxford Eco Havana with Blue lenses

Also in the Oxford collection, we find two models of round eyeglasses for men and round eyeglasses for women: Havana Optical and Honey Optical.


Hollywood style: Jamie Lee Curtis and Cillian Murphy

The new Oxford collection has an Anglo-Saxon matrix, and it is a design much loved by the star system both on and off the set. In particular, for the male universe, we found it in the Netflix series Peaky Blinders, beloved and followed by a large international audience. Its main character is Thomas Shelby, played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy. The style of Peaky Blinders fully reflects the fashion and atmosphere of the 1920s. In fact, Thomas Shelby sunglasses have frames in the same color as our Havana model, while the optical ones respect the design with round lines but the frame is in thin gold.

Oxford Havana Optical

As for the fairer sex, American actress Jamie Lee Curtis never goes out without her beloved vintage round eyeglasses even on the red carpet. Jamie Lee Curtis's glasses come in both black and honey frames, which the actress chooses based on the outfit she wears. A whimsical touch and certainly in line with Jamie Lee Curtis' style characterized by pantsuits with eccentric colors and short white hair.

The Oxford collection also represents our creative process at its best, characterized by eyes looking to the past and feet firmly planted in the present. For a timeless design that never gets boring, but excels in quality and style.


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