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James Bond’s sunglasses, the British elegance par excellence

Discover the iconic sunglasses worn by the most famous spy in the world: James Bond.

The most famous British spy in the world has always represented the ideal of perfection of the British gentlemen: elegant and flawless. James Bond - agent 007, was born in 1953 from the pen of the writer Ian Fleming and has conquered generations of fans, thanks above all to the film adaptation. From the dear departed Sean Connery to the beloved Daniel Craig (who has been playing this role for fourteen years) the style of James Bond has never waned, on the contrary, it has found modern interpretations in step with the times. In particular, in Daniel Craig's James Bond, we find the constant presence of an accessory very dear to us.


From the movies to TBD Eyewear sunglasses

There is something for everyone in James Bond's wardrobe. Also in the film “Spectre”, Daniel Craig wears a model of square black sunglasses, which in our catalog correspond to the Denim Eco Black. The Denim collection is unique in its kind, as they are handcraft sunglasses. In particular, the model with grey lenses, together with the elegant square shape of the glasses, makes them iconic men’s sunglasses. Our 007 in a scene from the movie wears them with a leather jacket and a navy blue polo shirt.


Denim Eco Black with Grey Lenses 

The black sunglasses highlight Daniel Craig's fair complexion and enhance his face shape. The same applies to the model such as the Donegal Eco Black, which fully expresses British elegance and the value of handmade glasses. Perfect to combine with a three-piece suit for a pleasant trip to the countryside.

Donegal Black with Green lenses

For us at TBD Eyewear, James Bond is one of the figures of great inspiration for our mission, not only for the category of famous eyewear but also as an emblem of refinement and taste. A timeless and spaceless charm.

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