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Eyewear with a transparent frame? The touch to stand out

Acetate transparent frames are ready to join us for this Spring Summer Season 2020. With round or squared shape, transparent sunglasses are the touch to stand out.

On the online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter, sunglasses are the third most wanted accessory. Back in the days Roman Emperor Nero would watch the gladiators fight through an emerald that protected his eyes from the light, today we don’t have gladiators but we can count on a unique and elegant accessory to decorate the outfit and protect the eyesight: TBD Eyewear’s sunglasses.

As always, accessories fully reflect the style of the wearer, revealing his or her taste. And sometimes it is exciting to dare and get out of our comfort zone, trying, for example, a transparent sunglasses frame. TBD Eyewear created a transparent variant for its most popular acetate sunglasses and eyewear, the result of the precise handwork and the made in Italy craftsmanship.

The frame makes the difference

In the movie “Love and Death” written, directed and starred by Wood Allen in 1975, a very funny dialogue takes place between the two main characters, Boris (Woody Allen) and Sonja (Diane Keaton):

Sonja: << Of course, there’s a God! We’re made in His image. >>
Boris: << Do you think I was made in God’s image? Take a look at me. Do you think He wears glasses? >>
Sonja: << Uhm… not with those frames. >>

For sure we can say that the frame of our eyewear is not of secondary importance. Glasses with a transparent frame stand for lightness and refinement and represent the most popular accessory of the moment.

Which model of transparent acetate sunglasses is suitable for my face?

In TBD Eyewear’s collections there is plenty of choices, but for oval faces with harmonious shapes, the Cran model is definitely a must-have, our rounded transparent sunglasses, where elegance meets simplicity. Cran sunglasses are characterized by a charm and a flavor of other times. The grey lens is an unrivaled classic, which makes the gaze magnetic, as the movie stars like it.

Will wearing our Cran Transparent // Gradient Grey

Sunglasses or eyeglasses? Both of them!

For those who are not satisfied, the best solution is the Pleat with the transparent frame. A small jewel suitable for the vintage lovers, a unique piece of Italian design. Thanks to the clip-on applicable on the frame, with just one gesture these eyeglasses will turn into sunglasses.

The green lenses of the clip-on allow you to wear them both in the sun and in the rain, so nothing will make you give up to your touch of style ... not even the gloomy days in Milan.

Pleat Transparent with Clip Bottle Green


Classic style sunglasses

The Welt collection is the new entry of this year. A pair of round bio-acetate sunglasses perfect for those who don’t want to go unnoticed. In particular, the model with transparent frame and grey lenses gives a touch of light to the gaze, making it radiant, difficult to forget. It is suitable for both a casual and elegant look, the versatility of the Welt model will not disappoint you.

Welt EcoTransparent // Gradient Grey

Squared sunglasses

The winning ally for round faces is the Donegal Eco Transparent definitely, a square-shaped transparent sunglasses with a thick frame with intrinsic elegance. International star system actors like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp would never go to a premiere without it. You can reproduce their style as fine weather comes, for a nice weekend out of the town.

Jonathan Ingle wearing Donegal Transparent // Bottle Green

Whichever model is suitable for your face and style, the transparent sunglasses branded TBD Eyewear is the accessory that will become part of your daily routine and keep you company during sweet and relaxing weekends.

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