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Color analysis, a life full of shades: in conversation with Rossella Migliaccio

Discover season color analysis with the expert Rossella Migliaccio and find the perfect palette for sunglasses.

A business woman, author of “Armocromia” and “Forme” and image expert, Rossella Migliaccio - Neapolitan by origin and Milanese by adoption - tells us about her new projects on her journey into Armocromy, teaching us how to recognize our natural beauty and enhance our uniqueness.

Who is Rossella and how did your passion for colour begin?

I am an image expert and entrepreneur who has been passionate about colour for as long as I can remember. Colour has always had an important role in my life, I have always been fascinated by it and believed it was a great way to communicate who we are.

You are an outstanding entrepreneur, a skilled author, and an image expert. What difficulties have you encountered on your journey of achieving your multiple successes?

Perhaps the biggest challenge was getting into this business at the beginning, in the midst of so many people who thought it was foolish to leave the classic "old road for the new one." Finding the courage to pursue your dreams may seem complicated, but if you really believe in it, it works.

It is definitely more than just a trend: how would you define Armocromy?

Yes, it is more than just a temporary trend, I like to call it "a way of life." Armocromy makes us feel in harmony with ourselves and most importantly, it doesn't tell you what looks bad on you, but what looks best on you. It is a discipline that aims to enhance each of us for our natural characteristics, distancing ourselves from standardization.

Rossella in Milan, wearing Cran Honey

Which one of our glasses would you match for each of the 4 palettes?

Since we are in summer time, I will choose among sunglasses to match the right one for each palette.

For the Winter season, I would choose the Donegal E.Marinella that combines blue and black, two colours that stand out in this palette.

For the other one with cool undertones, Summer, I like the transparency of the frame of the Lapel Eco Transparent, with the extremely elegant grey gradient lenses.

For the Autumn season, on the other hand, and for its warm undertones, I would opt for the Ulster 24k Gold, a bright golden model that perfectly enhances skins with amber highlights.

Spring, on the other hand, always warm but fond of bright colours, matches perfectly with a tortoise shell model like the Lapel Amber Tortoise with tobacco lenses, where yellow predominates.

You founded the Italian Image Institute, the first institute in Italy dedicated to image consulting. How did you come up with the idea?

I started working as an image consultant abroad; in Italy it was not a widely practiced discipline. Thus, once I returned, I thought not only to practice and make this discipline known through the direct consultation to an individual, but also to teach the method, by training a network of professionals.

What do you think about the influence of the digital world on image perception?

Social media has undoubtedly changed everyone's perception of themselves and of each other, just think of how the use of filters have "distorted" people's images to a certain extent. But from another point of view, when used in the right way, they are a successful tool for promoting ideals of body positivity and inclusivity.

Our Cran Honey with bottle green lenses

You have written two books Armochromia (2019) and Forme (2020), both about the exaltation of natural beauty. What value does the latter have for you?

For me, beauty is a concept that belongs to everyone: each of us has our own beauty, which is such because it is unique. We only sometimes fail to see it because we are distracted by the supposed "flaws".

You also launched your own app, Armocromia. What do you like about online shopping?

Online shopping is very convenient, allowing you to save a lot of time and get things right at your doorstep that you may struggle to find. In addition, it allows you to use your imagination by browsing through so many suggestions without any restrictions of time or hour.

Some people associate armocromy with the feminine world, but colours have no gender! How many men ask you for advice and what are they looking for?

Absolutely and indeed, there are quite a few men who have attended and are attending classes at the Institute as well. Even men, with some exceptions, in the past have been confined to a wardrobe in shades of grey, blue and black, have begun to add colour to their lives and in a surprisingly effortless way. Armocromy makes it possible to rationalize the wardrobe, to create a colour palette that matches without too much effort, finding the right thing to wear, or to buy when shopping, in a quick manner.

Rossella wearing our Cran Honey

How colours positively influence our lives?

Colours are everywhere, they narrate the passing of the seasons, they send messages, they are part of our everyday life and can be our best allies on so many occasions.

It is time for a "group consultation": what rule we should all start following to feel good about our appearance?

Never start from a trend or a standard, and chase it at all costs. We start with the awareness of what are our characteristics and uniqueness. The only rule to follow is to feel good about yourself, always free to express your personality.

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