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Size Guide and Product Care


At TBD Eyewear we offer multiple sizes so that you can find the right frame for your face:

SMALL: For those who have a slim face. 

STANDARD: Most TBD Eyewear customers are comfortable in this range. If you are unsure, choose this size.

LARGE: For those who have a wide forehead and narrow chin.

We understand the importance of a proper fitting frame. Not every frame fits every face, which is why at TBD Eyewear we have a wide selection of frame sizes to choose from.

If you already wear glasses, we recommend looking at your current pair as a size reference. The numbers indicating size are typically printed inside the temple of the frame.
You will find 3 measurements:

1)    LENS WIDTH (mm): refers to the horizontal width of one lens

2)    BRIDGE DISTANCE (mm): measurement of the space between two lenses

3)    TEMPLES LENGTH (mm): measurement of one arm from the front of the frame to the tip.

There are a few basic rules which you can follow in order to find the perfect pair of glasses for you:

  • Your pupils should look through the middle of the lens
  • The lenses are not much wider than your face. Frames that are too wide will make your eyes appear too close together, while too narrow frames will make your face look bigger.
  • We recommend you to pick a frame that does cover your eyebrows, so you can still see all of your facial expressions
  • The glasses should not slide off your nose

Just like one size frame does not fit all, one size bridge does not fit all either. At TBD Eyewear we offer a variety of nose pads so that you can find the best fit for your nose.


  • Made from metal or silicone
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Recommended for those needing additional support for less prominent nose bridges


  • Made from Italian acetate
  • Comfortable, classic fit
  • Recommended for those who prefer the look and feel of acetate

Which is the shape of my face?

OVAL shaped faces are the most balanced and versatile. They are defined by rounded chins and jawline. Also, the forehead and jawline are similar in width.

We recommend almost all the frames, especially Cran, WeltDenim and Panama.

shaped faces are defined by broad jawlines and a square chin. Also, the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal.

We recommend round frames like Pleat, Oxford, Ulster and Vicuna.

ROUND faces tend to be soft, with full cheeks and a slightly rounded jaw, while the width and length of your face are roughly the same.

We recommend square frames like Madder, Flare, Twill and Shetland.

HEART shaped faces are wider at the forehead and gently narrow toward the jawline to a narrow chin. Typically featuring by cheekbones taper into the jawline.

We recommend square frames like Tartan, Donegal and Lapel.


Still got questions or looking to receive personal style advice? 

Contact us via Whatsapp or text us in the live chat by clicking on the question mark at the bottom right of the screen, we will be glad to help you out.




How do I clean my glasses?

For a quick clean:

Blow loose particles off your frames first, and then clean with the microfiber provided with your glasses.


For a deep clean: 

- Wash and dry your hands thoroughly 

- Hold your frame by the nose bridge or temple, not by the lenses

- Wipe the lenses with a clean microfibre dipped in the soapy water (not solvents or alcohol)

 - Make gentle, circular movements on the lens from the outside to the inside until the lenses are clean

 - Repeat circular movements very gently on the rest of the frames

 - Dry your specs with another clean cloth


Remember to wash your lens microfibre regularly in warm, soapy water. A dirty microfiber means dirty lenses.


How can I look after my sunglasses?

On the rare occasion when you aren’t actually wearing your TBD Eyewear, please store your frames inside their protective case to avoid damage or exposure to direct sunlight. They’ll be dust-free and protected from the elements. 

Don’t leave the acetate glasses near heat sources or expose them to substances that may cause damage. For example in saunas, hairdressers' hooded hair-dryers, hairspray, car dashboard. 

Avoid placing your glasses lens upside down on surfaces such as tables, to avoid accidental damages.

Even if you are tired, remember not to lie down or going to sleep wearing your glasses.

Remember to put on and take off your glasses using the sidebars, known as temples.

Common Adjustments 

If the alignment of the temples changes (the glasses seem to have a different fit to the one set by the optician/optometrist), first ask your local optician and if he can’t fix the issue you can return them to the vendor to have them realigned.

If the temples become too loose or too tight, we recommend you to use a small screwdriver to adjust the hinges, as shown in the video below.  

Remember that the prescription to correct your eyesight will not remain unvaried over the years; therefore, it is vital to go for regular check-ups to test your sight.

Since our eyewear is born and modeled by our talented artisans, some imperfections may occur, but that’s what will make your glasses unique and like no other. 



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