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Fit Guide and Product Care


TBD Eyewear are available in one size, however the measurements differ according to the model. The fit is determined based on the width of the lens and the width of the frame. Find the perfect fit for your face shape by following the guide below:

SMALL FIT: For those with a narrow, elongated face and reduced temple width. 

STANDARD FIT: Most TBD Eyewear models are made in this size. If you are not sure about model choice, please choose this size.

LARGE FIT: For those with a wide forehead and narrow chin.

If you already own a pair of glasses that fit you correctly, you can compare the three measurements engraved on the inside of the left temple with those indicated in the "Measurements" tab available for each product. 

You will find 3 measurements (ex: 46-23-145) indicate:

LENS WIDTH (mm): refers to the horizontal width of one lens

BRIDGE DISTANCE (mm): measurement of the space between two lenses

TEMPLES LENGTH (mm): measurement of one arm from the front of the frame to the tip.

There are a few basic rules which you can follow in order to find the perfect pair of glasses for you:

  • Your pupils should look through the middle of the lens
  • The lenses are not much wider than your face. Frames that are too wide will make your eyes appear too close together, while too narrow frames will make your face look bigger.
  • We recommend you to pick a frame that does cover your eyebrows, so you can still see all of your facial expressions
  • The glasses should not slide off your nose

Which is the shape of my face?

OVAL: the face is characterized by delicate and harmonious contours, a small forehead and a gentle chin. It fits well with any model.

We recommend almost all the frames, especially Cran, Welt, Donegal and Panama.

the sides of the face form perpendicular lines. The chin, jaw and forehead are pronounced and the cheekbones are usually high. Round frames are recommended, which in contrast to the shape of the face give a particularly pleasant effect.

We recommend round frames like Pleat, Oxford, Lapel and Shetland .

ROUND: the contours of the face are delicate, the cheeks wide and the chin rounded. We recommend square frames that give the face a more defined contour.

We recommend square frames like Twill, Donegal, Lino, Juta.

HEART: the face is characterized by a broad forehead that narrows delicately towards the pointed chin. We recommend glasses with round frames or with elongated lenses in order to obtain a delicate contrast with the width of the forehead

We recommend frames like Cran, Donegal and Lapel


Still got questions or looking to receive personal style advice? 

Contact us via Whatsapp or text us in the live chat by clicking on the question mark at the bottom right of the screen, we will be glad to help you out.




How do I clean my glasses?

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly 
  • Hold your frame by the nose bridge or temple, not by the lenses
  • Wipe the lenses with a clean microfibre (not solvents or alcohol)
  •  Make gentle, circular movements on the lens from the outside to the inside until the lenses are clean
  •  Repeat circular movements very gently on the rest of the frames
  •  Dry your specs with another clean cloth


Remember to wash your lens microfibre regularly in warm, soapy water. A dirty microfiber means dirty lenses.


How can I take care of my sunglasses?

When you are not wearing TBD Eyewear glasses, store them inside their protective case so they will be dust-free and protected. 

Do not leave the acetate glasses near heat sources or exposed to substances that can cause damage. For example, in saunas, hairdryers, hairspray, car dashboards.

Even if you are tired, remember not to lie down or going to sleep wearing your glasses.

Remember to put on and take off your glasses using the sidebars, known as temples.

Common Adjustments 

If the temples are no longer aligned or have loosened you can contact us or go to your trusted optician to solve the problem.


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