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I have a shop – who should I contact to make an order?

You can contact use at : .


How can I get in touch with the tbde customer care service? 

In the contacts section, fill in the form and send in your query. Our team will be happy to provide any assistance required.


I am a journalist – who should I contact for information on TBDE?

For further information, contact us at: Our team members will be happy to help.


Where can I find news updates and Press Releases regarding TBDE?

All updates and press releases from tbde are available for consultation in the press section of the website.


Where can I find TBDE retailers?

On the store page of the tbde website, you can find the "store locator" icon, which allows the user to locate the nearest point of sale for the product.


What happens to the data I insert?

The use of data conservation and privacy is in accordance with the privacy laws.


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