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How can I cancel my subscription to the TBDE newsletter?

To stop receiving the newsletter, just go to my account and de-select the newsletter icon.


How can I register on TBDE website?

Go to the my account area, insert your email address and password of your choice to register for our website and take advantage of numerous special offers.


What happens to the data I insert?

The use of data conservation and privacy is in accordance with the privacy laws.


How can I access my profile after the initial registration?

To access your profile after your initial registration, just log in on the website, insert your username and password, then choose "enter" on the top right-hand side of the page.


What advantages come from registering?

Registering allows you to take advantage of numerous special offers. In particular, it allows you to personalise your browsing, by selecting your list of interests – the "wishlist" – saving your address and payment method. You will also receive exclusive special offers by registering to our newsletter.


How can I modify my personal data after registering?

To modify your personal data, you must be recognised by the system. Once entered, select "my account". You will see a summary of the personal data stored; at this point you can modify it.


What if I forget my password to access my profile?

If you forget your password, the system offers you the standard procedure to generate a new password, and therefore allows you to access the system.



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