Tortoiseshell glasses, the accessory that never sets

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are a must for summer 2021. Discover TBD Eyewear collections.

Tortoiseshell glasses, the accessory that never sets

"An actor does everything to become famous and then when he succeeds, he puts on a pair of dark glasses so as not to be recognized". Marcello Mastroianni said so and let's add that among his favorite glasses, inside and outside the set, there was always a model with a tortoiseshell frame, which he combined with the inevitable gabardine trench coat. Tortoiseshell glasses have always been an iconic accessory in the eyewear world. They have a unique and unrepeatable charm, suitable for any age and any skin complexion, both for him and her. Tortoiseshell eyeglasses and tortoiseshell sunglasses give an extra touch to the face that wears them because they are synonymous of a more refined and vintage style. Besides, this year they are reconfirmed in pole position among the 2021 eyewear trends for the upcoming summer. We absolutely cannot be caught unprepared.

  • Tortoise sunglasses by TBD Eyewear
  • Cran, the best tortoise eyeglasses
  • From Superman to American Gigolo, from Grease to Thelma and Louise

Tortoise sunglasses by TBD Eyewear

Tortoise glasses have always been part of our collections, from the first models to the most recent ones. As we have illustrated in our “Face Guide”, depending on the shape of the face, there are some models of glasses that are much more suitable than others. Starting with round glasses, these are preferable to a face with a heart shape or a square shape. While square glasses or teardrop glasses are ideal for a face with a round shape or a diamond shape. Let's take a closer look at some models:

  • Donegal Classic Tortoise. It represents the classic tortoise model with a not very pronounced hazelnut texture. The glasses have a square frame, also available polarized, for both him and her;
  • Lapel Amber Tortoise. The thin and delicate frame of this classic model by TBD Eyewear makes the tortoise amber graduation even more particular. They are round glasses suitable for both him and her.
  • Panama Amber Tortoise. Directly from the world of new collections, this is a model of tortoise sunglasses for men, with a teardrop frame, which expresses a sophisticated and refined style;
  • Welt Amber Tortoise. The nuance of this model is quite dark, these are tortoise glasses with round green lenses, an accessory for both him and her;
  • Gresy Chic Amber. They are women's tortoise sunglasses with bright shades, softly squared frames, and certainly envied by friends;

Cran, the best tortoise eyeglasses

Cran model also presents the model of eyeglasses with a tortoise frame, characterized by a warm shade. The style of the tortoise eyeglasses is intellectual chic, perfect to wear in the office or for a call, live directly from your living room.

Alessandra Toso wears Cran Amber Tortoise

From Superman to American Gigolo, from Grease to Thelma and Louise

The tortoise glasses are present in many movies on the big screen, this testifies to the notoriety and their frequent use by iconic faces of the cinema. Starting with the model of eyeglasses used by the famous Clark Kent, in the movie Superman (1978), played by Christopher Reeve. While in American Gigolo (1980) Julian Key, played by Richard Gere, wears slightly squared sunglasses with tortoise frames. As for the female faces, in Grease (1978) the very lively Jan of the Pink Ladies, played by Jamie Donnelly, wears square tortoise sunglasses. Last but not least, in Thelma and Louise (1991), Louise, played by Susan Sarandon, runs away with Thelma and her unmistakable tortoise cat-eye sunglasses.

What are you waiting for? Do not be caught unprepared by the arrival of summer, without the most popular accessory. Choose among the models in our catalog, the tortoiseshell glasses that suit you best. These are accessories that fully express the excellence of Made in Italy and the quality of the work of our craftsmen "