The Italian aviator-style eyeglasses and sunglasses from the new Piquet Collection

Aviator sunglasses, in history, were born to protect aviators from the sun's rays, which is why they are wide and solid. They define a specific style and a historical period that has lasted over time, creating an icon: those who choose them often never do without them again.

The Italian aviator-style eyeglasses and sunglasses from the new Piquet Collection

In the new Piquet collection, we have taken the structured double bridge of the aviator model and combined it with a typical teardrop lens and the renewed three-dimensionality of the temple in a vintage key. The name Piquet? It refers to the piqué fabric that weaves two wefts and warps together to generate its renowned strength. The perfect inspiration for our new TBD Eyewear sunglasses and eyeglasses, presented at Pitti Uomo 102. But there are some things that will always remain. As they say, never change a winning team: these glasses are handcrafted in Italy, biodegradable and sustainable.
Let's discover the models in the Piquet collection, each with its own unique traits.

The elegant: Piquet Eco Havana eyeglasses and sunglasses

Havana is a great classic here at TBD Eyewear: warm tones that can be combined with simplicity and imagination. So we designed both the Piquet Eco Havana eyeglasses, capable of giving a vintage appeal to your all-time style, and the Piquet Eco Havana sunglasses with green lenses.

The sought-after: Piquet Eco Dark Havana sunglasses

Havana is back, but darker: it reminds us of the strength of the earth. For the vintage Piquet Eco Dark Havana sunglasses, we chose blue lenses.

Piquet Eco Dark HavanaPiquet Eco Dark Havana Sunglasses

The originals: Piquet Eco Champagne sunglasses

Let's go with transparent aviator sunglasses, warm and enveloping. Three-dimensionality is visible from the thicknesses of the frame. Glasses with transparent frames are always an original choice, as in the case of our Piquet Eco Champagne sunglasses with green lenses.

Occhiali daSole Piquet Eco ChampagnePiquet Eco Champagne Sunglasses

The classics: Piquet Black sunglasses and eyeglasses

Black is back, or it never went away. We also thought of those who love the great classics. Piquet Black eyeglasses and sunglasses with dark gray lenses are for both men and women. Forever bold.

Piquet Eco Nero da SolePiquet Eco Balck Sunglasses

Sustainable eyewear, from first to last

Sustainability has long been part of our values. The entire Piquet collection consists of handcrafted Italian, unisex eyewear. Each hinge is hand-closed and the screws are made by a small company in Veneto, using molds salvaged from the 1930s. The frames are made of bio-acetate, a cellulose-based formulation extracted from cotton and wood fibers: it's free of toxic chemicals, so it's biodegradable and 100 percent recyclable - we talked about it here.

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