Summer 2019: 4 sunglasses to perfectly match your holiday destination

Summer 2019: 4 sunglasses to perfectly match your holiday destination

On these sweltering June days it only takes a second—and a couple of mouse clicks—to go from flights of fancy to actual flights. All of a sudden, we find ourselves with a ticket in hand and our next vacation marked in bold on the calendar, ready to leave behind our daily routines and reach the much needed and long-awaited dream destinations. 

For those who, like us, are still undecided on where to travel for their next vacation, we have imagined four beautiful destinations to visit in summer 2019 and to match with our most iconic The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear sunglasses.

Lose yourself among the enticing scents of the Mediterranean vegetation and the superb views of the rugged coastline, where picturesque towns and fishing villages are nestled in a natural amphitheatre overlooking the blue sea. A favourite among celebrities since the 50s, the beloved Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy has hosted VIPs on par with Grace Kelly, Humphrey Bogart and Greta Garbo and it evokes the same timeless charm and stunning beauty that we associate with our Vicuña sunglasses and their bottle green lenses set in a lightweight yet robust metal frame. 

If you’d rather travel somewhere away from the bustling world to enjoy a restorative break, the Scottish Highlands guarantee an unforgettable holiday among glittering lakes, towering mountains, heather moors and magnificent castles full of history.

As you venture into the unspoilt wilderness, you should always be prepared to face the unpredictable Scottish weather which, however, can be appreciated for theglorious interplay of cloud and light it offers. For this trip we recommend our iconic Donegal acetate sunglasses—named after the neighboring Irish county—which combine British charm and Italian elegance in a bold, square frame. 

Now jump aboard the ferry that will take you to the enchanting Hvar Island off the coast of Croatia. Cross the lush vegetation and the lavender fields smothered in purple and green foliage to discover beautiful pebble beaches, scenic towns and a lively nightlife.

On this charming island you can show off all the linen clothes and exotic print shirts you have crammed into your suitcase and match them with our round, honey-framed Cran sunglasses for an effortlessly elegant summer look. 

Finally, get ready for a few culture-packed days in Berlin among museums, festivals, outdoor concerts and artificial beaches along the river Spree. After a visit to the East Side Gallery—where you can find the remains of the Berlin Wall—take a break in one of the typical biergarten or at the Badeschiff, the floating swimming pool in the river Spree. 

A cosmopolitan, dynamic and rich in history city like Berlin should be experienced with our Lapel acetate sunglasses which share with the capital of Germany a dual soul that remembers the past while looking to the future.

Wherever you decide to go this summer, we hope you will fully experience and enjoy the singular beauty and culture of the places you will visit and take with you a piece of the famedI talian craftsmanship to effortlessly elevate and personalise your day-to-day style.