Orange is the new Black

Discover the novelty for the fall-winter 2021 season by TBD Eyewear. These sustainable sunglasses with orange lenses will conquer your autumn days.

Orange is the new Black

Orange is the new protagonist of the Fall/Winter season 2021, ready to give a touch of color and panache to our days in and out of the office with its bright and vitaminic nuance. TBD Eyewear never ceases to amaze you, and to start off on the right foot with the return from the holidays, we have decided to match these brand new lenses both with our iconic models and the new collections, of course, in a sustainable way.

  • Orange lenses and eco-friendly eyewear
  • New sunglasses, new orange lenses
  • Orange lenses sunglasses on the Silver Screen

Orange lenses and eco-friendly eyewear

With TBD Eyewear, the news never ends. Inside our chromatic range of sun lenses, a great protagonist was missing: orange lenses. And which is the perfect chromatic combination with orange lenses? A sustainable black frame, of course. A play of light and shadows, suitable for both him and her, available in the round frame of the Welt and in the square frame of Denim, Donegal and Lino. Furthermore, orange is a complementary color to blue, and therefore glasses with orange lenses are optimal for outdoor occasions, where the blue of the sky is less dazzling, and the surrounding environment results more visible. Moreover, orange lenses sunglasses and can also be worn in the evening and during less sunny days, thanks to the fact that orange lenses are filter category 2; hence, they are not extremely darkening and do not disturb eyesight.

With this, our sustainable sunglasses collection is widening, introducing two new colorways of Italian bio-acetate sheets: Eco Black and Eco Dark Havana.

Denim Eco Dark Havana 

New sunglasses, new orange lenses

When launching new models, we at TBD Eyewear always start first from the favorite items of our customers, overhauling our best sellers in new ways, in this case, with the use of orange lenses and sustainable frames:

Each of these models is the result of the careful and meticulous work of our artisans, who are able to design unique pieces of Made-in Italy eyewear and being recognized and loved for the quality of well-made handcrafted glasses.

Orange lenses sunglasses on the Silver Screen

The most iconic glasses with orange lenses in the film industry are the sunglasses worn by Johnny Deep in Terry Gilliam's film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (1998). An eccentric and out-of-line style, which reflects the identity and the past of the protagonist. A very similar model is the one used by Brad Pitt in "Once upon a time... in Hollywood" by Quentin Tarantino. Here the design is actually much more classic, in fact, this accessory had become a flagship for outfits during the 50s.

Brad Pitt in "Once upon a time... in Hollywood"

Last but not least, don’t be taken by the alleged eccentricity of these lenses. Sunglasses with orange lenses can easily be combined with a single element such as a jacket, shoes, or bags, even playing around with some color contrasts or creating total blue or total black outfits.