Ocean, when blue becomes green

TBD Eyewear launches the third color of its eco-sustainable collection: Ocean. Sunglasses in ocean blue shades available for best sellers Cran, Donegal, Lapel and Welt

Ocean, when blue becomes green

Italian fashion is fully embracing the environmental cause, in fact more and more companies are adopting eco-sustainable production processes. In 2018, the global clothing and fashion accessories industry produced 2.1 billion tons of CO2, about 4% of the planet's emissions. Environmental responsibility has become an absolute priority, among other things our country is the most attentive to the ethical choices of companies. A Trustpilot survey, in collaboration with London Research, shows that: 92% of Italian respondents highlighted that their purchase is influenced not only by the product itself, but also by compliance with the company's ethical and environmental standards. A much higher percentage than other European neighbors such as France and Germany.

  • Ocean, the new color of eco-sustainable sunglasses
  • A closer look! The iconic models Ocean version
  • How to combine biodegradable glasses

Ocean, the new color of eco-sustainable sunglasses

We at TBD Eyewear are very proud to pursue our new ethical and environmental objectives, which is why we try to enrich the Sustainable Collection, consisting exclusively of glasses with eco frames. Here we told you about the Eco Green color, but today we present the new color: Ocean. A riot of cold shades, from blue to cerulean, from denim to cobalt, mixes up each other and creates a unique play of color for the frames of our ecological sunglasses. After the Amazon Rainforest, our inspiration was born by turning our gaze to other ecosystems, constantly polluted by man: the Seas and the Oceans. Plastic devours marine fauna and flora from the inside, each of us should do our part, reducing the use of single-use day-by-day plastic in particular.

Lapel Ocean // Bottle Green

A closer look! The iconic models Ocean version

The Ocean color is available for the iconic models of TBD Eyewear, which characterize the collection of eco-sustainable sunglasses: Cran, Donegal, Lapel and Welt. Lapel are round glasses with a slight square on the ciliary, which makes them unique and elegant; Cran is the round unisex eyewear with soft contours; Welt, on the other hand, is unisex sunglasses, again with round shapes, but more robust because it is made up of two sheets of bio-acetate. Finally, for the Donegal model, we find square glasses of "character", a must-have for those who love vintage style

Cran Ocean // Gradient Grey

How to combine biodegradable glasses

The Ocean colorway is a touch of light and brilliance within the sustainable collection of eco-friendly eyewear. A chromatic break also for our catalog, being blue-shaded sunglasses. The question might arise from you: how do these blue sunglasses styles match? Let's dispel the myth that sunglasses must be chromatically matched to the outfit we wear, it is important that they reflect our style so that there is great naturalness in wearing them. Since these are eco accessories, for a brunch they are perfectly combined with an outfit in natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, a leather jacket, a pair of jeans and then close with sneakers. Especially with the arrival of summer, there is a desire for lightness and to wear comfortable and versatile garments. With our blue glasses, unlined blazers, Saharan jackets and soft leather bomber jackets will do perfectly, as well as the men's jacket with a technical fabric, windproof to tie at the waist, and that never creases!

Donegal Ocean // Gradient Grey

Even the glasses in blue shaded bio acetate are always made in Italy glasses and glasses handmade by our artisans, a symbol of pride and value of our company that focuses on quality and sustainability.