Mother's Day gifts, at first sight: 5 ideas for 5 personalities

If you're looking for the best Mother's Day gift, you've opened the right article. Let's talk about glasses - would you have guessed it? Sunglasses or eyeglasses, round, square, elegant, colored, but with a twist: they are handcrafted, Made in Italy, designed for a sustainable fashion (and a sustainable world).

Mother's Day gifts, at first sight: 5 ideas for 5 personalities

But how to choose them? Every face is different: round, oval, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped. That's why some time ago we made a mini-guide to find the perfect glasses according to facial features. So, you won't ruin the surprise for those you give them to. The search for the perfect frame is also a matter of taste, right? So, we have prepared a (gift) guide for you - yes, another one! - to recognize, at first glance, the glasses to give to the lucky mom on May 8th. Thinking about our models, we imagined five shades of personalities to match them with.
Let's go.

The nostalgic: vintage clip-on glasses

Does mom visit the little vintage store or flea market every time you go somewhere? She probably has an eye for retro design. For her, we offer our Pleat model, both eyeglasses and sunglasses but in a single frame, thanks to the clip-on lenses: you can take them off and put them on whenever you want.

The sophisticated: timeless elegance

Round, square, cat-eye; glasses in desert colors that never go out of style. Here are our havana-colored frames that create that slightly tortoiseshell effect. These prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses are perfect for both formal and casual moments. Sophisticated in any situation.

Twill Eco AvanaTwill Eco Havana Sunglasses

The (Italian) fashion lover: make it stylish

In another life, it would have been Sophia Loren, wide glasses and a look defined by eyeliner. This is Italian glamour, made up of iconic shapes that have made Italy famous throughout the world. For her, our oversize eco-friendly Lino sunglasses, big but light weighted.

Lino Eco Havana Lino Eco Havana Sunglasses

The minimalist: a taste for transparencies

A lover of the essential because it is synonymous with pure elegance. Certainly, among all the gifts for minimalists, are our transparent and champagne frames; we have already given you four good reasons to choose them in this article.

Donegal Eco ChampagneDonegal Eco Champagne Sunglasses

The activist: a genderless choice

All TBD Eyewear glasses are gender neutral, so our aviator sunglasses, which have typically been dubbed as masculine in history, are for women too. How about a dip into the 1950s? No convention, just follow her personal style.

Occhiali da Sole PanamaPanama Aviator Sunglasses

We've had fun matching our products to different shades of personality, but the last word is yours. Which glasses will be perfect for mum?