A talk with Magnus Moan

Brand Ambassador for TBD eyewear, the Olympic champion with a passion for style tells himself.

A talk with Magnus Moan

Magnus Moan: 34 yo.

Nordic Combined athlete skiing for Norway. 

First of all dad and husband, and after athlete.

Magnus in his career, has collected an impressive amount of titles and can surely be called one of the current legends of the sport.

4 medals from Olympic 

11 medals from World Championships 

Medals in 7 World Championships in a row

25 World Cup victories 

and many others…

Remember the first time you wore your ski. What feeling did you feel, can you describe it?

Yes I do. I was 6 years old, and I got the opportunity to try jumping skis. I remember that I stood on my first jump, after that I was sold.

When did you realize that you wanted to dedicate your life to sport? 

When I was 16 years old I decided to go for Nordic Combined. I was lucky that I had the opportunity to work with the best people home in Trondheim. They saw the potential in me, and help me to become the athlete I am today. 


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What is the routine that you follow before a race? Do you have any superstitious ritual?

I always pack my stuff the day before the competition. For that day it's important that you do what you have been working for. Normal is enough. 

The life of the sportsman, as far as you think, is full of sacrifices. There was a moment when you said:" I can not do it"? And how did you get up from that moment?

To be number one, or trying to be is always hard. And you have to take choices that are not so easy, but I have always wanted to be number one in Nordic Combined, so the sacrifices I had to make was to get me where I am today. I have actually never looked back. 


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The most beautiful memory (feeling, emotion) you have of these years of success.

I have many, it’ very difficult to choose one, but probaby Olympics in Sochi. Gold and Silver, both, has been amazing!!!

The side of your character that you thank because it brought you where you are. 

I'm a winner, always been. I never give up, and I am dedicated to what I do. 

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The second phase of your life. Magnus in 20 years. Have you ever thought about what you'd like to do next?

I always liked to work with people, and maybe do some fashion?  

What will you do this summer that there is no snow. How do you keep yourself trained?

I will actually go to Livigno for a training camp from 24th of June, until 16th of July. A really good place to prepare for the new season. 

Even if you are a sportsman, style matters. An accessory of your look that you can not do without.

Sunglasses and look fresh!

Italian for you: 

Style, pleasure, taste.

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