Lino, the new sustainable collection

Discover the brand-new LIno collection. These unisex sunglasses are made of Italian acetate, a natural compound 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Lino, the new sustainable collection

TBD Eyewear presents at Pitti Uomo 100 the new sustainable sunglasses collection: Lino. Lino sunglasses are entirely made of bio-acetate, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. These unisex sunglasses are the new must-have for the 2021 fall season.

  • Lino: features and colors of the new biodegradable sunglasses
  • The reason why bio-acetate is the new frontier of the eyewear industry

Lino: features and colors of the new biodegradable sunglasses

The new collection of eco-sustainable sunglasses Lino takes its name from the natural fiber that is used for the creation of fine summer garments.
Lino is a groundbreaking model of eyewear, presenting brand new features, specifically created for this collection:

  • the square frame, rounded in the corners around the lens;
  • the rivets are present only on the side temples and not on the front;
  • the bio-acetate sheet is thicker and available in new different colors;
  • the lens width is 52 millimeters and for the first time, the lenses are available in orange, in addition to the already existing bottle green, blue and gradient grey;

With the launch of this new model, we introduce two new shades pattern in our color range, namely Eco Havana and Eco Dark Tortoise, both sustainable. Let’s discover together the four Lino combos:

  • Lino Eco Transparent, transparent frame with grey lenses, a passe-partout for every style and occasion;
  • Lino Eco Black, black frame with orange lenses, suitable for fashion addicts who want to always keep up with new trends;
  • Lino Eco Havana, brown frame with green lenses, a timeless classic;
  • Lino Eco Dark Tortoise, dark tortoiseshell frame with blue lenses, a perfect combination, not to go unnoticed.

Given the square shape of the frame, the Lino collection is suitable for faces characterized by heart shape (wide forehead, high cheekbones, and pointed jaw) or diamond shape (small forehead, prominent cheekbones, marked jaw).

Chloe Ubaldi wears Lino Eco Black

The reason why bio-acetate is the new frontier of the eyewear industry

For more than one year, TBD Eyewear has begun to pave the way towards sustainable production in order to create biodegradable eyewear with recyclable frames. This is possible with the use of bio-acetate, a more natural version of acetate. While the latter contains phthalates derived from petroleum, the sustainable version is composed of two main elements: cellulose acetate and a plasticizer, both of natural origin and obtained from renewable sources. The bio-acetate gives the product a unique and exclusive touch of a natural substance. 

The eco-friendly sunglasses collection Lino entirely reflects the high quality of Made in Italy handcrafted glasses, thanks to the meticulous work of our artisans. Which one is your favorite?