James Dean's sunglasses, a timeless and unique style

Discover Pleat: the vintage eyewear collection inspired by the Cinema Icon James Dean.

James Dean's sunglasses, a timeless and unique style

Hollywood Golden Age Stars conquered millions of fans not only with their talent, but also with their unforgettable style, that made them iconic. They influenced those years’ trends, from fashion to make-up, from hairstyles to accessories. James Dean’s sunglasses, for example, were a distinct trait to create unique looks that made history, and that are still remember by everyone.

The young American actor passed away in a tragic accident when was only 24, at the pinnacle of his success. The wild and handsome man in “Rebel Without a Cause” and “East of Eden”, in the majority of the shots taken of him, he always wears his loved 50s eyewear: either sunglasses or prescription glasses.

James Dean with his Cinecamera

James Dean’s sunglasses were always rounded, a shape that framed his face and made his look one of the most famous in the world. His style was easy-chic, casual but not improvised: windbreaker and biker jacket, straight-leg pants, white t-shirt or dress shirt. To top it all, his leather boots. What emerges from his pictures taken by his friend, Dennis Stock from Magnum agency, is a guy of a rare beauty and big savoir-faire.

James Dean’s Sunglasses

Our Pleat, rounded sunglasses in acetate, is a vintage model that fully represents the 50s’ style. They also symbolize the quality of the unique Italian design. The frame is light and versatile, in fact, this eyewear was born as optical glasses with clip-on shades, perfect for every occasion. This makes them practical and definitely different from other models. All is needed is a simple gesture to fix the clip on the frame.

James Dean and Pleat Classic Tortoise

Pleat Tortoise

James Dean preferred tortoise frames, and TBD Eyewear has plenty of choices. If you prefer warm colors, the Pleat Amber Tortoise combined with the tobacco clip will make your look 100% vintage and original. Instead, if you prefer colder colors, the Pleat Light Tortoise or Pleat Green Tortoise with green clips will be just perfect. If you are more traditional, the Pleat Classic Tortoise is the one for you. These acetate sunglasses have a tortoise frame with warm colors but combined with grey clips will become the perfect 50s mix. 

James Dean and Pleat Green Tortoise

Handmade sunglasses make the difference

A peculiarity that doesn’t go unnoticed are the hinges on the frame in acetate, handmade by our expert artisans. All our Pleats define the connection between TBD Eyewear and the tradition of vintage sunglasses for men, still taking in consideration the modern world.

James Dean and Pleat Amber Tortoise

For TBD Eyewear, James Dean is one of our greatest icon to take inspiration from, not only for the sunglasses wore by famous actors, but also as a symbol of sophistication and fine taste. A timeless charm that knows no boundaries.