From Ukraine to Italy: Stylist and Art Director Anna Zosimova tells her story

Photographer, stylist, designer, rapper, chansonnier, painter: the super polyhedric Anna Zosimova tells us a little about her personality, her Ukrainian origins and her love for creativity and life.

From Ukraine to Italy: Stylist and Art Director Anna Zosimova tells her story

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Anna Zosimova?

I am a creator.  Anna “the Creator”. For all my life I couldn’t focus on one thing. I wasa photographer, stylist, designer, rapper, chansonnier, painter and I even made my own stand-up program once and performed with it several times. I can’t stop at one thing, but I can only say for sure that for me the most important thing is to conceive and create something.

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How was your passion for fashion born?

It was passed down to me from my mom. For all my birthdays and holidays in kindergarten, she sewed beautiful outfits for me and I noticed that they were much brighter and more interesting than those of other children. I started to follow her example and create outfits for myself and my dolls too. Sometimes I could cut my mother's T-shirt, fasten it with wire and absolutely did not understand why I was forbidden to go to kindergarten in this form!

What inspires you the most as a creative person?

The feeling that a minute ago there was nothing, and then a song was born out of this nothing. The birth of something tangible from the void, from the processes of my own brain activity.

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What do you love most about Ukraine?

The feeling of freedom there. The sincere love of people for the culture and folklore of our country.

What where you doing on February 24th? 

I arranged for my parents to be transported to a safe place. This safe place in a week became the most unsafe, as the whole country was already bombed.

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A happy memory from your past which you are attached the most

The first day I got my dog Lipa. She was 2 months old and I took her from the nursery and I felt the first time in my life unconditional love.

What do you like about Italy and Milan??

Taste for life, people have a big heart here.

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What do you hope and dream for the future?

I want to open a center for helping women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.  And I want to open my own contemporary art gallery.  I want to live in nature and raise two children.