Ferner Jacobsen: the success of a family business since 1916

Chris Nikolaisen, Department Manager at Ferner Jacobsen, explains us the success and future of one of the most important scandinavian fashion houses.

Ferner Jacobsen: the success of a family business since 1916

Ferner Jacobsen is a family owned company with three stores. Established as early as 1916, Ferner Jacobsen has participated in an incredible journey through fashion world's trends and development. This has been a decisive factor in today having the knowledge needed for the customers to get the ultimate guidance for their personal style.

With a wide range of exclusive brands, the goal is to be one of the leading high-profile fashion houses for men and women in Scandinavia. Since a start-up, they have focused on traditional tailoring and high-end fashion, which has helped them to provide own customers with the best service and experience in their stores.

Chris Nikolaisen, Department Manager at Ferner Jacobsen

A family business since 1916. Many changes, above all historical, but 3 shops to date very successful. If you had to choose between the historical moments, those have more marked Ferner Jacobsen, which and why?

First of all survive to two world wars. Despite everything,  we managed to build a company to the size of today. And it’s not simple at all.  We also managed to dictate a little the rules of knowing how to dress well in the Scandinavian landscape. Certainly for us it was a great success, having achieved all of this.

Despite the digital platform that you already have, your company continues to establish itself, and is a bit of a reference for Scandinavian fashion. What is the secret of a physical / retail reality like yours?

Despite the impositions of fashion today, we have always tried to communicate and sell what we are and our philosophy. We never let ourselves be overwhelmed by passing fashions. It is important for us to communicate a fashion with a capital letter "F", which remains the classic fashion for us.

The interior of Farner Jacobsen

If you think about retail in 50 years, what do you think remains or what will not be there anymore?

We will certainly continue with the era of E-commerce. This aspect will remain, indeed sure it will develop more. While, unfortunately, the small shops will suffer not only digitization, but also the competition of those who offer similar things or concepts of the same kind.

We usually say that the relationship with the public is the most complex in the work. And the customer is hard to please. What brings a customer to choose Ferner, or because he remains faithful to him?

Certainly the knowledge of the product, the quality, the experience ... these variables help a customer to trust us. For us they are essential aspects. The location conveys the tradition of a company that has been here for 102 years, we offer our customers a unique shopping experience, but above all we reassure them that they have chosen the best.

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Many brands, including most famous and emerging. How to structure a buying from Ferner Jacobsen? What are the most valued factors for selecting brands to offer your customers?

First of all the quality. This never fails. Furthermore, we try to maintain a certain harmony in the different buying we make. Our customer knows that he can find the latest trends from Ferner, but that surely are chosen with a certain taste.

Drill Silver // Gradient Grey

Are there any new features for Ferner's future?

Greater digitization, of course. Whether we like it or not, E-commerce is the future. Nevertheless, we will continue to do a great job in our stores ... then one day Ferner will celebrate 200 years of activity (I suppose without me) - he laughs.

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Synonymous with quality, reliability and durability.

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Elegance, classic, good quality and… Aperol Spritz, of course. 

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