Eco Green, the new color of the eco-friendly collection

TBD Eyewear has decided to believe in an ecological and ethical collection that bets on fine sustainable materials to minimize the environmental impact and support Italian craftsmanship. Discover the new Eco Green collection available for the best sellers Cran, Donegal, Lapel and Welt.

Eco Green, the new color of the eco-friendly collection

2021 is the year dedicated to green and the development of eco-sustainable projects. The United States returns to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreements, the film “I am Greta” arrives on the mainstreaming platforms, starring the very young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg; in addition, the introduction of the crime of "ecocide" is under consideration by the French Parliament. What about fashion? It is continuing to be the representative for a cutting-edge creative line of eco accessories and clothing. Just think of the latest fashion shows of Milano Moda Uomo, which ended a few weeks ago, where fashion houses brought knitwear with recycled wool and collars made with remnants for lining to the catwalk. In this virtuous landscape, at TBD Eyewear we continue to invest in sustainability by launching the Eco Green line, a new coloring of eco-sustainable glasses.

The Sustainable Collection by TBD Eyewear

As an eyewear company, we have set ourselves the goal of continuing in the production of eco-sustainable eyewear, following the success of our Sustainable Collection launched in 2020. An entire line of eco-friendly eyewear in which we have combined sustainability and craftsmanship, thanks to the use of bio-acetate. The latter in fact, unlike the classic acetate, it’s free of phthalates (chemical compounds used in the plastics industry) and from wood and cotton fibres. From the Lapel model to the Welt, from the Cran model to the Donegal, we have created the version with an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable frame. As always, these are Made in Italy eyewear that does not lose their style, but rather gain quality value and ethical value.
Cran Eco Green

Eco Green, the new color in the eco-sustainable acetate

Our eco eyewear collection was launched last year with the Earth Bio color, warm shades that recall earth tones. For 2021 we opted for the Eco Green color, whose common thread is the green color with all its shades, this year's trend. We were inspired by places where nature and biodiversity play a fundamental role in safeguarding the entire planet, such as the Amazon Forest, the green lung threatened constantly by man. The Eco Green color is available for the following eco-friendly sunglasses models: Lapel, Cran, Welt, and Donegal. Lapel are rounded sunglasses with a slight squaring on the top, perfect for a classic style, the Cran model is always a rounded one and is TBD's iconic unisex sunglasses; instead for the Welt, these are men's sunglasses, always with round shapes but more robust since they are made up of two bio-acetate plates. Finally, Donegal are squared sunglasses with "character", a must-have for those who love vintage style.
Donegal Eco Green

How to match our biodegradable sunglasses

The Eco Green coloring gives the biodegradable eyewear models a fresh and innovative cut, playing with a color palette that goes beyond the traditional one. However, this obviously shouldn't scare the more rigorous in combinations, the green is a brilliant touch for a winter look. Think of a double-breasted jacket in tweed or a cobalt blue jersey, paired with a turtleneck sweater or a thin light gray crew-neck pullover with tone-on-tone trousers. Or you could opt for a light grey Fresco fabric dress paired with a white shirt and brown tie.

Lapel Eco Green

Our desire to continue in the production of ecological sunglasses is not only a productive bet but also ethical, that points to a new conception of the world of eyewear, without having to give up the painstaking work of our artisans and the excellence of the final result.