Eco-friendly accessories: style combined with respect for the environment

Discover TBD Eyewear glasses accessories handmade in Italy. The sustainable chains and cases will give the perfect vintage touch to your glasses.

Eco-friendly accessories: style combined with respect for the environment

Nowadays, even the purchase of sustainable accessories can play a significant role in environmental protection. For over two years, we at TBD Eyewear have embraced an eco-green creative approach, with the purpose of designing collections of biodegradable sunglasses and eyeglasses, enhancing their quality, and renovating their aesthetics. One of the latest news of this year is that we have decided to expand our sustainable production, introducing eco-friendly accessories for eyewear: chains and cases.

  • Vegetable-tanned leather, that's why it’s sustainable
  • Glass chains: which one to choose and how to match them?
  • Eco-friendly eyewear cases

Vegetable-tanned leather, that's why it’s sustainable

The focus on sustainability starts from the production process of sustainable accessories. Considering some of our models of chains and cases, vegetable-tanned Italian leather is used. Vegetable tanning is an ancient and traditional process that transforms animal skin into leather thanks to the tanning action of tannins, which are extracts of vegetable origin capable of binding to the proteins of the skin, making it stable and long-lasting. Given the fact we are considering two natural and biological elements, the resulting product maintains unchanged its biological features: the naturalness to the touch, the transparency of the flower, the distinctive smell of leather, the color change.
Vegetable-tanned leather is alive and therefore reacts. The influence of temperature, heat, and light leads to some alteration over time. Any product made with biological material, such as vegetable-tanned leather, slowly undergoes a color change. This enhances the charm and value, thus creating a distinctive style.

Glass chains: which one to choose and how to match them?

The glass chains represent a unique accessory that makes your sunglasses or eyeglasses even more personal. In addition to the utilitarian function, which allows us to always keep the glasses on hand, they convey a nice touch to your outfits. But which eyewear models do TBD Eyewear chains match? Here are some tips for you:

In addition, it should be noted that the leather chains are made half by machine and half by hand, while the metal parts are galvanized on the loom. These are all products made with vegetable tanned Italian calfskin. After being cut into thin strips, the leather is intertwined and subsequently assembled with the metal parts, becoming a practical and timeless accessory.

Eco-friendly eyewear cases

The attention to detail is never lacking also when speaking of our cases, made of vegetable-tanned leather. This is another eco-friendly news of 2021They are sustainable leather cases for eyewear of Pienosole®, a Milanese brand that manufactures sustainable products handmade in Italy. These sustainable cases are available in two colors: bottle green and leather color. Both cases feature the TBD Eyewear logo in gold in addition to the internal heat-stamped inscription “Sustainable Leather 100% Handmade in Italy”. These rectangular leather cases will convey a vintage touch to your TBD Eyewear. 

Pienosole sustainable leather cases

Our accessories, as well as our glasses, are handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen. This ensures quality and value, features that have always distinguished us.