Earth Bio, Eco Green, and Ocean: eco-sustainable must-have sunglasses

TBD Eyewear presents its sustainable unisex collection with its most iconic frames, that thanks to its bio acetate made in Italy are re-invented for the future. Since the beginning of 2020,we decided to believe in a more sustainable eco-friendly approach in order to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact.

Earth Bio, Eco Green, and Ocean: eco-sustainable must-have sunglasses

TBD Eyewear has always embraced the eco-sustainable ideals to safeguard the health of the planet. How? By creating sustainable eyewear collections, merely aiming at maintaining our style, and, at the same time, expanding our range with unique and eco-friendly products. As we all wait for the launch of the brand new collection of biodegradable sunglasses, and on the occasion of the World Ocean Day (celebrated every year on the anniversary of the Earth Summit taken place in Rio de Janeiro), let's rediscover together the eco-friendly sunglasses collections by TBD Eyewear.

  • • What is the difference between acetate and bio-acetate?
  • • The Earth Bio collection
  • • The Eco Green collection
  • • The Ocean collection

What is the difference between acetate and bio-acetate?

In the eyewear sector, it is important to increase the manufacturing of eco-friendly eyewear with biodegradable frames. This is possible thanks to the bio-acetate, a more natural version of acetate. While the latter contains phthalates derived from petroleum, the organic version is composed of two main elements, cellulose acetate, and a plasticizer; both are of natural origin and obtained from renewable sources.
The bio-acetate gives the product that posh and exclusive touch of a natural substance. Furthermore, our production cycle is characterized by made in Italy workmanship, requiring minimal use of machinery, and it is mostly based on the expertise of our craftsmen as regards the creation of accessories. All this enhances our green mission and allows us to create unique handmade eyewear.

The Earth Bio collection

The Earth Bio collection represents the very first collection of biodegradable glasses, and it was created by our creative and production team in 2020. The Earth Bio sunglasses are characterized by the distinctive color that recalls warm shades, such as the earth tone and the dark brown color, inspired by the wide areas of land, typical of the Bel Paese.

The Eco Green collection

The Eco Green collection was the second collection of eco accessories launched at the beginning of 2021. The Eco Green sunglasses are characterized by their shades of green, from pastel green to emerald green, they intertwine creating a unique chromatic effect. For this collection, we got inspired by those places where nature and biodiversity play a key role in the preservation of the entire planet, such as the Amazon Rainforest. 

  • The Welt Eco Green // Bottle Green model, are sunglasses with a sturdy eco frame, characterized by round shapes and green lenses, all features that make this eyewear a timeless classic.
  • While for the ones who prefer squared frames, there is the Donegal Eco Green // Bottle Green, which stands out for its strong frame of "character" and it is a must-have for those who love vintage style.

The Ocean collection

The Ocean collection is the latest collection of eyewear with eco frames launched by TBD Eyewear, which has been a great success right away.
Ocean sunglasses were created looking towards that great ecosystem we celebrate today, the Ocean, in order to highlight the need for greater protection from the human hand and from the pollution of microplastics. The colors of this collection are represented by multiple shades of blue: from light blue to cerulean, from denim to cobalt.

Regardless of the color or of the model of eyewear you like the most, all the collections described so far express the best quality and excellence that our company puts into accessories. Above all, it shows how deep our aim is to boost an even more eco-friendly green production.