Denim, the new collection of unisex acetate eyewear

Denim, the new collection of unisex acetate eyewear

"Jeans represent democracy in fashion" is a very famous statement by Giorgio Armani, but have you ever wondered what it could mean? They were born in 1873 thanks to the entrepreneur Levi Strauss who had the intuition to use the Genoa cloth (used for the merchant sails) to make them very resistant work trousers. The latter depopulated among the gold diggers of the Old Wild West, in particular Levi's 501 model. For years, jeans were considered a work garment, but with the economic boom, they became a counter-current and trendy symbol, especially among Hollywood stars like James Dean. Between the 60s and 70s it underwent continuous transformations, from skinny and snug, it widened in the shape of an elephant foot. But it was in the 1980s with the advent of power dressing that fashion houses created the first jeans models.

Denim, squared eyewear 2021

The wave of news continues at TBD Eyewear and with great pleasure, we present a new collection of 2021 acetate eyewear: Denim. It is no coincidence that the name refers to the historical fabric used to make working-class trousers. They have been designed as unisex sunglasses and eyeglasses, with a square acetate frame with a bold aesthetic for a versatile style.

Denim Havana Sunglasses

Our models are always distinguished by quality, being glasses handmade by our expert craftsmen, who transform the raw material into little gems of the eyewear world. In fact, even for this new collection, all the glasses are made in Italy and fully reflect our creative mission.

Acetate sunglasses 2021 for every occasion

The new Denim collection consists of four models of square sunglasses such as:

- Denim Havana, brown sunglasses that play on the contrast between the earth shades of the frame and the green lenses;
- Denim Black, sunglasses with black frame combined with grey lenses, a timeless classic;
- Denim Champagne, sunglasses with transparent frames that stand out for the warm chromatic harmony between the frame and the tobacco lenses (ideal for female faces);
- Denim Transparent, stylish and unique sunglasses with transparent frames and bottle green lenses.

In addition, the Havana and Black frames are also available as square eyeglasses.

Denim Optical Collection

Hollywood inspiration from Tom Cruise to Charlize Theron

As always TBD Eyewear takes a look at the world of cinema to enrich the creative process. This time for the design of our glasses, we picked out the film that marked the beginning of the starring career of a very young Tom Cruise: Risky Business (1983). In this biting comedy, Tom Cruise wears a square black-frame sunglasses model that has become iconic in multiple scenes. Tom Cruise's sunglasses are paired with a black t-shirt, an oversized gray jacket with shoulder pads, and an inevitable pair of jeans.

Tom Cruise and Charlize Theron wearing sunglasses

As for the female universe, we took inspiration from the recent film "The Old Guard" (2020) in which Charlize Theron stars. An action movie, in which Charlize Theron's sunglasses follow the same design as the model worn by Tom Cruise. Black square sunglasses that can be adapted to both male and female faces, as well as our Black Gradient Gray model.

The exclusive Denim collection has given life to sunglasses with character, perfectly suited to both genders, which embody the company's passion for Italian craftsmanship tradition and minimal and elegant design.