Blue lenses - Here is the new trend you have been waiting for

Discover all TBD Eyewear sunglasses with blue lenses. Round or square, they will be the perfect accessory for the 2021 winter season.

Blue lenses - Here is the new trend you have been waiting for

As a matter of fact, sunglasses with colored lenses are an intergenerational trend that best combines corrective lenses with aesthetics, thus becoming a distinctive touch of style. Celebrities such as Elton John or Johnny Depp have made it a hallmark of their style, but also supermodels such as Bella Hadid or Hailey Baldwin seem to go nuts for it: we are talking about colored lenses, especially blue lenses, and no eyewear enthusiast can resist their charm. Suitable for both him and her, sunglasses with blue lenses will make your look much more sophisticated and your gaze much more magnetic.

  • The features of blue lenses
  • TBD Eyewear models with blue lenses

The features of blue lenses 

Certainly, everyone has their own tastes in terms of color, but blue lenses, as well as other colored lenses, have their specific characteristics and functions. In particular, blue lenses are optimal because:

  • Reduce visual glare;
  • Help to define the outlines on foggy and misty days;
  • Increase the perception of colors,
  • Reduce eye strain,
  • Contrast the glare of the so-called "white light".

Especially for this last feature, glasses with blue lenses are perfect in the mountains, for winter weekend getaways, not only for sports use but also for sunbathing and sipping mulled wine in comfort.

Antoine wears Lino Eco Dark Havana with blue lenses

TBD Eyewear models with blue lenses

Once the choice of the color of the lenses has been made, the most common question among customers is: which model of glasses do I choose? From women's blue lens glasses to men's blue lens glasses, TBD Eyewear offers a wide range of eyewear, from biodegradable sunglasses to acetate sunglasses:

  • Panama Amber Tortoise, whose frame reminds of the aviator style used in the 1950s, is characterized by a blue drop-shaped lens and a tortoiseshell amber acetate frame. The perfect vintage glasses that everyone would like to have;
  • Oxford Havana, this model of eyewear is inspired by the glasses of the 20s in vogue among the students of the University of Oxford. Cool and classic, these are unisex acetate sunglasses that never fade thanks to their round shape and havana-colored frame with blue lenses;
  • Lino Eco Dark Havana is sustainable bio acetate eyewear Made in Italy. This sustainable collection takes its name from the natural fiber Lino, used for the creation of fine summer garments. The dark havana frame with blue lenses is suitable for fashion addicts who want to always keep up with new trends;
  • Welt Eco Havana and Welt Ocean are part of the sustainable eyewear collection made of bio acetate, and this frame is inspired by the solidity and sturdiness of quality men's shoes with goodyear sewing. The Welt Eco Havana frame is characterized by a sustainable Havana-colored frame handmade in Italy and combined with rounded blue lenses, which fits perfectly a classic yet trendy style. The Welt Ocean has a biodegradable blue frame perfectly matching the blue lenses.

Welt Eco Havana with Blue lenses

Ready to choose? TBD Eyewear product range will fulfill all your wishes!