The best acetate sunglasses for 2020

Discover the sunglasses trend of this year.

The best acetate sunglasses for 2020

Spring has already come and summer will follow soon, so we just can’t be unprepared. For a moment we can leave behind this strange moment that we’re living, and we can think about the wonderful summer days we will enjoy sipping cocktails on the beach or on a rooftop in town at the sunset.

After long days of at-home outfits, we need to sport the ones that make us feel good. And the TBD Eyewear accessories are a great way to bring a stylish detail that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Acetate sunglasses will be the perfect allies to our eyes that will be missing exposure to natural light. Far from being just an accessory for our eyes’ protection, sunglasses are a smart addition to our look, able to brighten up the visage, thanks to TBD Eyewear qualitative acetate, hand-polished by expert artisans.

Timeless, lightweight and colourful

Lightweight frames, vibrant colors and timeless design. These are the main features that make our styles exclusive. TBD Eyewear acetate sunglasses reflect the uniqueness of Italian style, with a dash of flair.

The Blazer is a gentleman’s best friend

“The Blazer is a gentleman’s best friend”, say the experts about the famous man’s jacket. Also, the homonymous collection by TBD Eyewear is a true partner for a gentleman who is detail-oriented. It has harmonious shapes and a robust rounded frame. The colors of the lines are classic, in particular the Matte Light Havana color is perfect to be matched with a blazer, cream-colored trousers and a cache-col with a relaxed weekend look. 

balzer matte light havana bottle greenBlazer Matte Light Havana // Bottle Green

If you have a wide forehead

The Twill model fits every visage, but it suits particularly well to those who have a wide forehead and narrow chin. It’s a pair of sophisticated sunglasses, both for the strength and the glamour of the smooth frame. It features well-defined and harmonious shapes, with the keyhole bridge and the slightly squared lens. It’s appealing in every shade, in particular the Matte Transparent, the coolest at this moment. If you don’t have a Twill model among your accessories, it’s just as if you don’t have a bespoke suit in your wardrobe. Twill is definitely one of the best sunglasses for men.

twill matte transparent gradient greyTwill Matte Transparent // Gradient Grey

Some prefer squared and sturdy frames

For the lovers of the wild landscapes of Northwest Ireland, the Donegal sunglasses are a must-have to stand out. It has an acetate squared frame, strong and sturdy lines. Donegal’s model is a synonym of solidity, like the landscape of the homonymous Irish county, where the tweed is still woven on wooden looms. The burgundy tone of the NGA model will perfectly match a cream-coloured soft linen shirt.

donegal nga gradient grey
Donegal NGA // Gradient Grey

Some other squared and thin frames

Who has a squared visage will find that the Shetland model is the perfect accessory. The name takes inspiration from the archipelago that is located in the Northeastern part of Great Britain, where there are centuries-old woolen mills still producing the homonymous woolen fabric. Elegance and simplicity are the two souls of these handmade sunglasses. Lightweight sunglasses characterized by slim and squared frames. The variant in Light Havana is inspired by the iconic frames from the ‘70s-’80s and, with its typical coloured stripes, it will match perfectly a sport jacket in light-colored hopsack cloth.

shetland light havana tobacco
Shetland Light Havana // Tobacco

And if my face is slim?

For those who have a narrow face, TBD Eyewear designed for you the Welt model. We can define them a rounded sunglasses with personality, made from the merge of two acetate plates. The smaller lens, the keyhole bridge and the decisive fit give them an elegant and intellectual charm like the American movie star Gregory Peck back in the ‘50s-’60s. The important lines of the frame recall the toughness and strength of men’s quality shoes, built with Goodyear seam featuring a welt that can be seen or hidden. From shoes to sunglasses, the inspiration travels on the common thread of made in Italy qualitative craftsmanship.

welt collection
Welt Collection

TBD Eyewear timeless sunglasses

TBD Eyewear offers a wide range of acetate sunglasses handmade in Italy with timeless shapes. We’re going to live the fine weather and especially the recovery of our lives, so we need to give us a little bit of color, in the name of an unmistakable Italian style.