A talk with Silvia Stella Osella

We met Silvia Stella Osella, Textile Designer & Color Consultant. Thanks to her sustainable and creative approach she has made her way into the world of Fashion and Design.

A talk with Silvia Stella Osella

The first question is a ritual one. Who is Silvia Stella?     

Silvia is a designer with a multidisciplinary approach and a big passion: conscious design. 

In your bio, you define yourself Textile & surface designer, color & trend consultant. We are dying to know everything about your work, tell us more.     

After years spent in different cities and countries, and after working for some of Europe's biggest textile companies, in 2015 I opened my own consultancy studio in Milan. Here I help brands taking shape through color and trend analysis, designing exclusive prints and working closely with each design department in order to find new, more sustainable approaches to design. I work with a wide variety of fashion brands, but also accessories and interiors. 

Silvia's Studio

Where do you get your inspiration from?     

Inspiration comes from my everyday life, from what I observe around me, from art shows, travels, nature. Being a designer, all this goes together with the tools I use for my researches: trend forecasting, above all, using specific platforms in order to create the right projects and items for the people who are going to use and wear them. 

How important is sustainability to you?  

When I started exploring this topic, back in 2012, sustainability in fashion wasn't really taken seriously; but after seeing which direction this industry was taking I had no doubts: as designers, we have the responsibility - and the huge opportunity - to find new approaches to fashion and product design.

Fashion and sustainability, two worlds ever closer. What do you think?

After almost 10 years since the beginning of my journey in sustainable fashion, now I can see that things are finally starting to change: from brands taking action (more or less seriously...) to consumers starting to ask questions. There is still a lot to do, and we are just at the very beginning: but consciousness does take time.

New project mood board by Silvia

Colors mean emotions. What emotions do these 3 sunglasses arouse in you?

Each color arouses a different emotion depending on the person. The Welt Honey model gives me a sense of warmth, given by its intense yellow color that reminds me of the Sun. Donegal Eco Green, my favorite, I associate it with adventure and the desire to explore unknown places. Finally, the new sustainable model Lino Dark Havana arouses introspection and inner analysis.

An accessory you can't do without or simply your favorite.

I swear it's true: glasses, prescription ones, or sunglasses, always with me. I am no longer separated from your sustainable Donegal Eco Green sunglasses.

Silvia Stella wearing Donegal Earth Bio

Outside your studio, what are your hobbies and passions?

Even if I deeply love my city and its many inputs, I also escape from it very often. I travel as much as possible, either to the other part of the Globe, around Italy visiting friends and exploring new landscapes or towards the new cottage I am building with my partner up in the Orobic Alps; I fill my eyes with beauty and get fresh inputs for my mind. 

A tip for young people who want to work in your sector.

Be curious, listen, ask questions, always.