A talk with Jared Acquaro

Jared Acquaro, menswear consultant and brand builder, tells us about his passion for fashion and where his idea was born to found one of the most influential blogs on menswear in the Australian continent.

A talk with Jared Acquaro

How is A poor man's millions born? And where does your passion for fashion and style come from?

APMM was born from people complementing my style and asking questions about how to do things to have a style of their own. A photographer I worked with at a Men’s shoe store asked me to start a “What I Wore” section on the stores blog but I wasn’t into the idea as I didn’t like having my photo taken. So after about 6 months or so I decided to just try it but do it my way and separate from the company I was working for.  

Yours is a successful blog, yet the definition of blogger or influencer always makes the nose turn up, even if today it is a real profession. What do you think its (blogger profession) evolution may be?

I think an Influencer can be anyone of influence to someone, I guess you could call it a person you could look up to for advice etc. Unfortunately, nowadays the term “influencer” isn’t what it should represent. I think these influencers should be helping others achieve their goals and building confidence to help menswear etc grow but instead most are just selfish and arrogant, in a bid to look like a celebrity and be idolised for a “fake” image, rather than a real tangible life/image goal. Blogger I would say is a separate title, as a blogger is more of a independent writer/journalist. Most bloggers write about their experiences and passions, but their are some who write in a paid voice too. Personally, I like to write in my own voice every time and I don’t care if I am friends with the brand or not I will give an honest review on my experience good or bad.

Cran Transparent // Bottle Green

What is style for you?

Style for me is an outward image of someone’s personality, it is very subjective to taste but can’t be denied also. For example: someone could look great in a particular outfit but doesn’t me it would suit me. That doesn’t mean I should hate on them as style is very individual, instead I look at the elements I could work with. Style also isn’t a trend and there is a difference on adding elements into your own style verses just wearing a current fashion trend for the time it is “cool”.

Vicuña Gold // Bottle Green

The most common mistakes that a man makes when choose an outfit.

Fit and proportions; I see this time and time again. Many will again follow a trend, which isn’t bad but it needs to fit your body properly and image too. An example would be the “Spalla Camicia” trend that happened, shirt shoulders and unpadded jackets everywhere, unfortunelty not everyone can wear it and look good. Colour Choice; it can make or break an outfit. Everyone as their own color palette, this is something everyone should learn as it will make choosing a lot easier. I think the final one I see a lot these days and it blows my mind; the loss of character in their outfits and style. Many looking clean and overly safe, the blandness too. I am not saying you have to peacock but just because a suit fits you very well doesn’t me you should give up on everything else or you will become a uniform lost in the masses, boring and uninspiring.

An accessory that is not missing but in your wardrobe or that should never be missing in a man's wardrobe?

I always say a white shirt, everyone including women should have one in their wardrobes, they will need one in their life time. Proper cedar shoetrees and shoe care is another one, I see too many shoes destroyed with the lack of care. I still have the very first pair of leather shoes I bought back 7-8 years ago still going strong.

Cran Honey // Bottle Green

What do you value most in the world of craftsmanship and tailoring?

The quality from passion of a good craftsman can not be replaced. I know there are machines that can do everything nowadays but they still can’t pick up what the human eye and touch can.

Today's much discussed topic is recycled fashion. Jackets made of plastic, or leather with apple waste. How do you think a classic style can be linked with the fashion of the future?

If everything was quality and constructed properly from the start then it would last through generations without the need to create by-products. Do to industrialised fast fashion and waste this is where the future is heading, just liking farming etc. We don’t care or want to take care of cheap inferior garments.

Summer 2018. A model of Tbd eyewear that you would choose for this season and with which outfit you would match it?

I will be wearing the ‘Flare’ model as it has a nice twist to a classic frame. I personally can wear it with anyting!

Flare Rhodium // Bottle Green

A person (icon) that makes you think of the 'Italian Style'.

Marcello Mastroianni, everything about him is “Italian”

Jared in 20 years. How do you see yourself and where do you see yourself?

In 20 years I will be the same person but probably a father, I hopefully will continue to help build menswear and knowledge; if all goes well maybe even have my own brand/shop.

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