5 Metal Sunglasses Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Discover the new season trend: the metal.

5 Metal Sunglasses Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Finally, with the arrival of April, the long wait for spring has come to an end and the first taste of mild weather was all it took to awaken our desire to travel and discover new cultures, go outside for a run and wear our favourite summer suits made of seersucker, irish linen and cotton gabardine.

Between the sunny weather and the seasonal transitioning of our wardrobe, we are—quite unavoidably—tempted to treat ourselves to a new pair of sunglasses for our Spring/Summer 2019

After apparently reaching the peak of success in the 70s with the aviator glasses,metal frames have made their grand return in our lives. Whether they are round, square or oval, metal sunglasses are an everlasting classic due to their minimalstylelightness and sturdiness. Thanks to their tailoredsleek design, metal frames are a practical choice that easily enhances your personal look with their effortless elegance.

Achieve a classic style with a modern twist by choosing the sleek, elegant lines of the Mohair sunglasses, with their hexagonal frame handmade in Italy, available in 24k gold and pure rhodium.

Fabio Attanasio, co-founder of TBD Eyewear, wearing Mohair Rhodium// Bottle Green

Inspired by one of the finest textile fibres in the world, once exclusive to Inca royalty, our Vicuña sunglasses lend a timeless elegance to their wearer. These round frames are available in pure rhodium and in 24k gold, with the option to choose between green, brown and grey lenses. 

Fabio Attanasio, co-founder of TBD Eyewear, wearing Vicuña Gold // Bottle Green

Add a discreet ‘70s touch to your modern look with our rectangular Flare sunglasses that combine green lenses with handmade frames in 24k gold, rhodium and brass for an original, refined style.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Wilhelm Strängh, founder of The Dons Club, wearing Flare Rhodium // Bottle Green  

Evoking the beloved double-breasted Ulster coat from the homonymous Irish province, these round sunglasses feature a simple design with a vintage flavour. Available in rhodium and 24k gold, they can be paired with blue, grey, green and brown lenses. 

Andreas Weinas, Managing Editor of Manolo Sweden, wearing Ulster Gold // Tobacco      

Named after the homonymous durable fabric used for military uniforms, these Drill sunglasses are a contemporary model that stands out for its round shape, the light double bridge and the buttonhole-like detail at the end of the stems. 

Marco Taddei founder of Simply Mr. T wearing Drill Brass // Bottle Green

Whatever your choice, the right pair of sunglasses can become your signature accessory for the season, a must-have piece that will accompany you as you relax in the shade of a pine grove, wander the cobbled streets of Old Havana or tackle the summer city heat with style.