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How do sunglasses protect my eyes?

All TBDE sunglasses have lenses that guarantee an extremely high protection factor from UV rays (ultraviolet rays). The lenses have up to 400 nanometers of protection for the eyes from uva rays (the ones responsible for aging) and UVB (responsible for sunburn). Ultraviolet rays are lethal for the eyes, so protecting them is fundamental.

For further information, please consult the information found inside the sunglasses case, which also contains advice about the correct use of the glasses depending on the filter of the lens.


How can I trace a specific model?

Every single piece made can be identified by its SKU, which is specific to model, colour and size. You can find the SKU on the product information sheet, next to the size selected.


How can I request a catalog?

Fill out the form in the contacts section on the website and request a catalog of our most up-to-date collection.


What type of lenses do you use?

Our lenses are high quality, made in Italy and have a filter category number three.

You can find all the necessary information below:

Sunglasses for general use field of use. Avfa sunglasses or protective filters protect the eyes from the harmful and unpleasant effects of the sun’s rays. Avfa sunglasses comply with the essential safety requirements set by European directive 89/686/eec and subsequent revisions and meet the en iso 12312-1 standard. Limitations of use. This product is: not suitable for direct observation of the sun or for viewing of solar eclipses. Not suitable for protection against artificial light sources (e.g. Solaria). Not suitable for use as eye protection against mechanical impacts hazards, during which the sunglasses could break, causing injury to the face and eyes. Not suitable for driving at night or twilight. Not suitable for driving at night or under condition of dull light. Sensitivity to light and glare, especially in cases of bright sunlight and strong sun glare, such as on snowfields, at the beach or at sea, varies from one person to another but it must be considered that the lightest filters, categories 0 and 1, reduce solar radiation only slightly in the visual field whilst guaranteeing excellent protection in the UV area. Storage and maintenance. Store the avfa sunglasses in their case at a temperature between -10°c and +35°c. Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid exposure to high temperatures, such as the heat in a car without conditioning (e.g. Car dashboard), because high temperatures may alter the features of the glasses. Replace the sun filters if damaged (e.g. Scratched, opaque). Use only original accessories and spare parts. Cleaning. Use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean the glasses, then dry them with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use solvents (e.g. Alcohol, acetone) or aggressive detergents which may alter the features of the glasses. Filter category (recommended uses). You will find a number on the inside of the left temple and/or on the barcode and/or on the cover of this leaflet, next to the asterisk *. This number indicates the filter category, as defined by the en iso12312-1 standard and as shown in the table. 4 very high protection against extreme sun glare, e.g. At sea, over snowfields, on high mountains, or in the desert. 3 high protection against sun glare. 2 good protection against sun glare. 1 limited protection against sun glare. 0 very limited reduction of sun glare. Two digits mean that the lens is photochromatic; these digits identify the filter categories for the lens in its lightest and darkest states. When the filter category is followed by a “p”, this means that the lens is polarized. This information booklet is drawn up in compliance with annex ii, par. 1.4 of European directive 89/686/eec


Does The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear offer a prescription lens service?

If you need prescription lenses, we suggest you to buy our frames and refer to your local trusted optician, since we do not offer this service.


Which glasses can the clip-on be used on?

Every clip-on is suitable both for the cran model  (sizes 47 and 49) and the pleat model, in the only available size of 47. For the vicuna and ulster models, however, only v&u clip-on is suitable to sizes 47 and 48.


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